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With the increasing rate of crime and domestic violence, there is need to protect yourself and your family. So below are the best personal security tips, tricks and self defense protection advice for you.

  • Home Security Tips – In this section, you will learn the best home security tips on how to burglar proof your home and prevent theft or harm on your family.
  • Personal Protection Dogs – In this section, we will highlight the best security guard dogs for your family and children. We will also teach you how to train your dog to attack on command.
  • Personal Protection Devices – In this section, we will reveal to you simple tools and devices that can help protect you against assaults, rapes and molestation; we will also teach you how to use them.
  • Security Education – This section will help increase your security awareness or consciousness. You will also learn personal safety tips, how to identify security threats and prevent them before they happen.
  • Self Defense Tips – Now just in case as assault happens, this section will teach you everything you need to know about defending yourself against knife attacks and punches.

20 Personal Security Tips While Traveling Abroad

If you are traveling abroad for the first time or even if you are a frequent traveler, there is the need to be security conscious because most often than not you may find yourself amongst strangers. With the recent rise in insecurity and terrorism in the world, it is important for every traveler to be […]

20 Iron-Clad Security Tips for Bank Employees

Security all over the world is no joke at all. This is why it is important that all and sundry do not treat this issue with levity. One of the classes of people who are expected to really take precaution when security issues come to play is bank employees. This is so because being security […]

20 Security Tips for Social Networking from FBI Agents

Social networking has proven overtime to be the most suitable and convenient platform for making new friends, dating and also relating with old friends and acquaintance so a lot of information changes hand via the various social networking platform available in the world wide web. In the bid to connect with people on social networking […]

How to Use Police Batons & Nightsticks to Fend Off Attackers

Do you know that batons and nightsticks are good self defense weapons? Do you know you can protect yourself without using a gun? Batons and nightsticks are less expensive than advanced and more lethal weapons such as guns and tasers. They require no ammunition and no special skills. And because they are more likely to cause lasting or fatal injuries, batons are more commonly used for forced compliance than many other less-lethal weapons.

How to Detect a Tracking Device on Your Car [DIY]

How do you detect a spy car tracker? How do you know there is a GPS car tracking device implanted on your car? Well, this article is going to explain in detail how to detect a car tracking device on your car.

Frankly, you are not likely to find yourself in a situation where someone is keeping a tab on your movements. However, if you have got a jealous partner or an overly controlling parent, they may track your whereabouts without having to follow you around or pester you with several phone calls.

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