The media and online forums are full with stories of individuals that have been victimized by the police. In Nigeria, the issue of police harassment and abuse is no longer news. Now what can you do to stop police harassment and abuse? You will find out in this article.


In the eventuality of a crime or accident, do you know how to write a police report? If no, then below is a detailed guide on how to write a police report without implicating yourself or complicating things.

What is a police report? A police report is a description of facts about a crime written by either a crime victim or a witness. It is used to report who perpetrated a crime as well as how, where, and why the crime was perpetrated.


Do you really need security education and training to survive in this trying times? Why do you need to increase your security awareness? Well, I advice you read on.

If by now you are still of the opinion that security awareness and education is a trivial issue, you are doing yourself a big disservice. To further convince you on the importance of acquiring security awareness training and education, I will be discussing 10 reasons why you need it.


Presently, there is an increased potential for people to deliberately or accidentally distort, damage, steal or abuse the data that is stored within a company’s computer and information systems. For this reason, most organizations now have mandatory security awareness training for all new workers as well as existing ones.

Whether you own a business and would like to teach some basic security awareness tips to your employees, or you are an employee who have yet to receive adequate security awareness training from your employers, this post is for you.