If you run a school or you are a student, it is important to take security serious. Here are 20 fail-proof security tips that are highly suitable for schools. If you have your ward in any school, aside from the expectations that your ward should be properly taught, you will also be concern about the…


What are the best personal security tips for students on campus? How can students protect and defend themselves against crime and violence? What is the best security advice for students to avoid dangerous confrontations and situations? As a college or university student, chances are that, you are thinking of your friends, the late night adventures, the virtual freedom from your parents’ supervision, and your favorite games. But you are less than likely to think about one very important factor; “Campus security.” As an individual that passed through high institution in Nigeria, I know the hazards and travails students go through on daily basis. And I want to point out that this situation is only peculiar to Nigeria; because the same security challenges are experienced in the United States, Canada, Ghana, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, etc.


What is the importance of having armed security around school vicinity? Why should schools employ or deploy armed security guards?

On 20 December 2012, 20-year old Adam Lanza opened fire on 26 people, mostly schoolchildren, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Just before the school massacre, Adam had killed his own mother. Adam committed suicide after the shooting, which was recorded to be the second deadliest in US history, behind the 2007 Virginia Polytechnic Institute shootings, which claimed 32 lives. Is this the only case in history, the answer is no.

Now following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings and other related issues, there has been a hot debate over whether schools should hire armed security guards or not. So in this article, we will be discussing 10 benefits of armed security guards in schools.


Does increased school security measure violate students’ rights? With the rapidly increasing rate of crime, is it not better to increase the security protocol within a school?

It is no longer news that the global rates of violence is on the increase, and that places like schools are no longer as safe and secure as they used to be. But till date, the debate is still hot over whether increased security measures in schools are necessary or are violations of students’ rights.