How do you defend yourself against a knife attack? How do you react when someone attacks you with a knife, machete or cutlass? In this article, I will explain in detail how to defend yourself against a knife attack.

If you were walking down your street all alone and someone suddenly approaches you with a knife in hand, what would you do? Oh, you think it is not possible? Stop dreaming, my friend; it is very possible! It could be a mugger, who wants your wallet or your smart phone.

It could be a furious ex of your girlfriend, who wants to take it out on you. It could be a murderer, who for some reason decides to use a knife rather than snipe at you from afar.

Once again, the big question is, what would you do? Did I just hear you say you would run away? Well, that’s a very good idea – frankly.

But what if you are caught in a tight corner and there is nowhere to run except into the pointed tip of the knife? That’s a serious one, right? But you have to do something, or else you’ would be robbed, injured, or at worst, killed. I am sure you hate those words.

But there is only one thing you can do – defend yourself in a smart way. So without wasting time, h are some tips on how you can defend yourself against a knife attack:

7 Steps to Defend Yourself against a Knife Attack

1.  Stay calm

Though it’s not easy to hide one’s fear in such a situation, try to suppress it as much as you can. If you panic, you would be giving your attacker a very good advantage right from the start. Take a deep breath and relax while you figure out what the attacker is up to.

If he’s not a mugger, you don’t have to nurse any fear. Chances are that he’s not a professional at what he’s trying to do. So, stay calm and confident.

2.  Surrender if only that would save you

If your attacker is a mugger and you can sense some professionalism in how he handles the knife and how he approached you, it’s better for you to give in. Your smart phone and your wallet are nothing when compared to your life.

3.  Plan smartly

If you are sure your attacker isn’t well skilled or you can sense some elements of low confidence in him, you may want to attack rather than surrender to him.

If he seems to be an amateur mugger, tell him with confidence that you don’t have anything and that he should leave you alone. Of course, he won’t leave you, but your confidence will probably send some drips of fear down his spine. Most of the time, if you tell an amateur that you don’t have anything on you; he would try to search you. In that case, allow him.

But while he is searching you, keep watch on the knife and find a way to either knock it off his hand or land a heavy blow on his head (an uppercut would be great).

4.  Fight if necessary

Most of the time you can tell if you can easily overpower an attacker. If you are damn sure you can’t, then it’s better to surrender. But if you know you can confidently fight him and he is not dumb enough to open up his weak points, confront him using the element of surprise.

Start by pretending as if you have surrendered. Raise your hands, with your palms facing forward. But keep watch on the attacker and the knife while trying to launch your attack strategy.

5.  Protect yourself throughout

The essence of this post if to help you leave a knife attack scenario unhurt and unrobbed. Keeping your eyes fixed on the knife is a very good safety precaution. If possible, grab the attacker’s wrists and clutch the knife. This reduces your risk of being cut with it.

6.  Dispossess him of the knife at all cost

As long as the knife remains within the firm grip of your attacker, you are still at risk. So, if you decide to attack, your aim should be to get the knife off his hand. You can achieve this with strength and smartness.

If you think your attacker has much strength that may be difficult for you to overpower, hit him hard with head butts and head blows while holding his hand to prevent him from cutting you. This will easily destabilize him and put you in control.

7.  Escape once you have the chance

As stated earlier, your objective is to protect yourself from being hurt or robbed. Once you have successfully destabilized your attacker, leave the scene immediately.

If you try to beat him into pulp, either of two things could happen: he may recover suddenly and overpower you, or he may die in the process. If the second possibility happens, you will be charged with murder. So, leave the scene as soon as you have the chance.