Are you scared your mobile device may be stolen and your personal information used for fraudulent purpose. If YES, here are 20 best security tips for smartphones. If you make use of mobile devices (smartphone or tablets), there is the need for you to take precautions when making use of the device.

The fact that your mobile device is likely going to contain your personal information, soft copies of your documents, your contacts, pictures and perhaps your bank details et al, then you just have to protect it from failing into the wrong hands.

The truth is that, if your mobile device is stolen or it falls into the wrong hand, you are likely going to pay direly for it. The contacts, documents, pictures and personal information will be stolen and used for fraudulent purposes. Some criminals can even place unnecessary demand from you before they release your mobile device to you especially if they notice that you have some vital information in your mobile device.

The average person who uses mobile devices don’t bother to study the security features that is built in the device; if they do, they will be able to activate some security programs that will help them protect their personal info, contacts, documents and other stuff in their Smartphone or tablet once it is stolen. Here are 20 security tips that will help you protect your mobile devices;

Security Tips for Mobile Devices and Smartphones

1. Password Your Mobile Device

The first security step you need to take in order to protect your mobile device is to create a password it. Just ensure that you make use of a strong password.

2. Password Your SIM Card

You also expected to create a password your SIM in order to prevent people from accessing the info in your SIM card.

3. Back – Up Your Contacts

Telecommunications providers make room for their customers to back – up their contacts. Ensure that you take advantage of this service to avoid losing your contacts when your phone crashes or when it is stolen.

4. Install an Effective Anti – Virus

Virus has the capacity to wipe off your data, in order to prevent your mobile device from virus; you would need to install and effective anti – virus software on your mobile device.

5. Only Download from a Secured Website

It is dangerous to download stuff from unsecured websites with your mobile device; doing so might expose you to hackers.

6. Update Security Software Regularly

You have the option of updating security software on your mobile device at regular intervals; ensure that you do so when the opportunity presents itself.

7. Review Privacy Policies before Installing any App on Your Mobile Device

The mistake most mobile device users make is that most often than not, they do not read through and review privacy policies before downloading apps on their devices. This is dangerous because some apps can access your info and passwords.

8. Don’t Drop Your Mobile Devices in Places where it can Get Missing

Do not make the mistake of leaving your mobile device in public places like library, train, and bus and restaurant et al. if you do, it might be stolen.

9. Minimize the Info You Store on Your Mobile Devices

It is a wise decision to minimize the information you store on your mobile device; you have the option of using external hard disc to store information. It is safer since you do not go about with the external hard drive.

10. Do Not Give Your Phone Numbers to Strangers

Only release your mobile phone numbers to people you know and trust. When you release your phone numbers to strangers, you may expose yourself to potential danger.

11. Know How to Block Fraudulent Numbers from Calling You

If you study your mobile device, you will notice that there is provision for blocking unwanted numbers from calling you.

12. Be Careful When Responding To Text Messages from Someone Your Don’t Know

Be careful when responding to text messages from strangers especially messages informing you that you’ve won lotto and your details are required to send in your bank details to claim the price et al.

13. Ensure That You Remove Your Memory Card before Giving Out Your Mobile Device for Repair

When you give repairers your mobile device to repair, they can access the information in the device , that is why it is important to remove your memory card before giving out your mobile device for repair.

14. Be Cautious When Banking Online

If you are using your mobile device for online banking, it is important to be cautious. Ensure that the platform is secured before inputting your PIN and other bank details.

15. Don’t Make or Receive Calls in a Suspicious Environment

If you know that you are in any suspicious environment, ensure that you don’t make or receive calls, if you do, you might be harmed by criminals in the bid of trying to steal your phone or tablets.

16. If You Must Buy Second – Hand Mobile Device, Ensure That It Is Not a Stolen Good

Some get into trouble simply because they purchase mobile device from unconfirmed sources. If you must buy second – hand mobile device, ensure that is not a stolen good.

17. Password Your Wifi and Hotspot

It is important to password your Wifi and hotspot with passwords that can’t be easily hacked. If it is exposed, then anybody can make use of it and that could drain your data.

18. When Charging Your Mobile Device in a Public Facility, Ensure That the Phone is switched off

If you must charge your mobile device in any public facility, ensure that it is switched off and you place an eye on it.

19. When Driving, Don’t Expose Your Mobile Device in Your Car

Criminals can break into a car once they notice that an expensive mobile device is kept exposed in the car. Ensure that you do not expose your mobile device when driving especially in traffic.

20. Subscribe to Mobile Device Security Tips Online

It is also important to subscribe to mobile device security tips online; you will be privileged to get info on trending security tips in your location.

There you have it; 20 security tips for mobile devices.