Are you a bank employee working in a high risk zone and you are concerned about your safety? If YES, here are 20 best personal security tips for bank employees. Security all over the world is no joke at all.

This is why it is important that all and sundry do not treat this issue with levity. One of the classes of people who are expected to really take precaution when security issues come to play is bank employees. This is so because being security conscious may cost them their jobs or even their lives.

The banking job is such that is prone to robbery at all times, and this is because of the huge amount of money that is being handled on a daily basis. It is for that reason that being security smart and alert becomes important. Therefore, if you are bank employee, then you may consider being a little more careful.

Being a banker first of all means that you have decided to represent the bank you work for, by serving the populace and at no time should you misuse this representation. Therefore, if you do not know how to go about being more security conscious, then you may want to likely take a cue from these tips below. Now, let us go see these tips…..

Security Tips for Bank Employees in High Risk Zones

1. Do Not Divulge the Bank’s Information

It is true that being a banker in some parts of the world is a privilege. However, you have got to make sure that you do not misuse this privilege by divulging very important information you have in your custody about the bank. This is so that you do not attract people who may want to come rob the bank.

2. Read Newspapers

If you are a bank employee, then it is vital that you keep tabs on the security issues in your country. This is so that you do not become obsolete with the new security issues that are trending in the land.

3. Report Any Strange Movement

If you think there is a wrong movement that is being made towards your bank that you know of, then it would do you a whole lot of good to report to the management or police.

4. Attend Security Workshops

You may want to take your level of knowledge a notch hire by periodically attending security workshops and seminars. This is so that you may broaden the current knowledge you have.

5. Misguide a Stalker

If for instance you are being stalked on your way to work, then you may consider misguiding the folks by facing another location. As a matter of fact, you must do all you can to protect your organization.

6. Do Not Carry Huge Sums of Money

When at the end of the month you are paid, and if it happens to be a big amount of money, then please do not carry it with you. This is so that you do not get robbed.

7. Avoid Leaving the Office Really Late

You have got to try all that you must to leave the office before 10 p: m at night. This is so that you not allow strangers, or folks who may be planning to rob the banks meet with you.

8. Double Check When Going Into the Office

It is vital that whenever you are resuming in the early mornings at work, that you double check to see that you aren’t being stalked. Some miscreants may want to capitalize on this to rob you.

9. Do Not Live Lavishly

Leading a lavish lifestyle, may suggest to robbers to come close to you. Therefore, one must try as much as you can to lead a less flashy life style.

10. Keep Customers Details

Do not try to divulge the banking details of any client. This is so that you do not put any customer’s life and assets in the line. Be careful and keep all details to yourself.

11. Take Orders Only From Your Superiors

If a customer walks up to you to say so and so has asked that you render some banking services to them; it is very important that you call to cross check with your superior. This is important because the person may be a thieve looking for ways to penetrate.

12. Be Conscious of People As They Walk In

It is okay that in addition to the work you have at hand, that you take note of those who come in and go out. You may be lucky enough to capture a plot being hatched by a robber from another end of the banking hall.

13. Discuss Security Matters with Team mates

It is a very good thing to have some security tete-a-tete with your colleagues. This is very important as you may learn one or two things from one another.

14. Do Not Pay Folks Who Are Withdrawing Beyond Limit

If you notice a customer who wants to withdraw above the limit directed by the appropriate monetary body of your country, then you should work at alerting the management or police.

15. Do Not Pay Any One Other Than the Owner of an Account

If you are cashier at the bank, then you may want to take seriously the fact that you must only pay the one whose name, details and picture appears on the computer.

16. Do Not Give Your Customers Your House Address

It is also pertinent that as a bank employee, you do not for any reason give your house address. This is one security tip you must adhere to.

17 Do Not Give Customers Your Phone Number

If you do not want to be bugged unnecessarily by customers who have an ulterior motive, then you may want to consider not giving your phone numbers.

18. Always Lock Your Computer

It is very needful that you password your computer so that you do not leave some important information at the mercy of dubious fellows.

19. Make the Password a Unique One

One of the things that would make your password unique would be to make it almost undetectable. You may consider tweaking important dates of your life or loved ones and then use them as your passwords. Be sure it is something that needs a lot of thinking to arrive at.

20. Mind What You Say in Public

If you are in the midst of friends in the public, be meticulous about the kind of information you give. This is so that people around do not use these information to the detriment of the bank.

In addition to all these, do please ensure that you follow all tips to the latter. This is because faltering in any of these tips may deal a sad blow. Take security really seriously and you wouldn’t be found wanting.