Driving alone can be risky especially when you drive at night or early in the morning. Here are 20 car security tips to guarantee your safety while driving.

The rate of crimes in our world is on the increase despite the measures put in place by the government of most countries of the world. In recent time, security issues are given top priority when it comes to policy making both in organizations and in countries. One important thing to note when it comes to security of life and properties is that it starts with you.

Gone are the days when people don’t make effort to provide security for themselves because it is the responsibility of the government to do so. Security is no longer the government’s business but every body’s business. So, when you drive around town or across borders, then you just don’t have any option order than to be security conscious.

In this article, we will be discussing tips that will help you secure your life, the lives of your dependents and your properties when you drive.

It is one thing to provide such information, it is yet another for people to take responsibility and adhere to the instructions that can help them safeguard their lives while driving. Please find below, 20 vital security tips that will help you safeguard your life and properties while driving;

Car Security Tips to Guarantee Your Safety While Driving

1. Always Make Use of Your Central Car Lock Whilst Driving

It is important to make use of your central car lock whilst driving. It will make it impossible for criminals to force themselves into your car.

2. When Driving At Night Do Not Put On Your Inner Light

Don’t make the mistake of putting on your inner light on whilst driving at night or even early in the morning before daybreak. If you do, you can easily be targeted by criminals and street urchins.

3. If You Move Around With Luxury Goods, Then Tint Your Car Glasses

Tinted glasses / windscreen are used in cars when you don’t want people to know who and what is inside your car. If you know that you move about with luxury goods in your car or if you are a celebrity, ensure that you tint your car glasses.

4. When Driving Ensure That No Body is trailing you

It is important to always look through your side mirrors to be sure nobody is trailing you. Once you notice any driver trailing you, just drive to the nearest police station.

5. Don’t Stop When Waved Down By Stranger

Please do not stop your vehicle when waved down by a stranger in an isolated road. If you do so you could fall victim of organized crime.

6. Don’t Offer Lift, If You Must Do It, Then You Must Be Cautious

Don’t offer strangers lift, if you must do it, then you must be extra careful.

7. Don’t Move About With the Original Documents of Your Car

Car snatchers will do all it takes to steal your car once they know that you move about with the car’s original documents. Move with photocopies and keep the original in a secured place.

8. When Driving to a Place for the First Time, Try and Get a Partner to Drive Along With You

Driving alone is dangerous especially if you are driving to a place for the first time; ensure that you move with a partner.

9. When you Pull over to Urinate along the Highway, Ensure That You Turn Off Your Engine and Pull out Your Car Key

If there is any need for you to pull over along the highway, ensure that you turn off your engine and carry your car key along with you.

10. Always Wind Up Your Glasses When Driving at Night or Early in the Morning

It is important to always wind – up your glasses when you drive at night or early in the morning.

11. Install Car Tracking Device in Your Car

You should also ensure that you install car tracking devices in your car, it will help you monitor your car when you are not the one driving the car.

12. Install Car Security System and Alarm in Your Car

You can also consider installing car security system and alarm in your car; it makes it difficult for criminals to break into your car.

13. When Driving, Ensure That You Are With Your Drivers License and Other Valid ID

As a driver, it is mandatory to be in possession of your driving license when driving around town.

14. If a Suspicious Car Overtake You, Don’t Try to Overtake but Rather Follow an Alternate Route

When a suspicious car overtakes you whilst driving, don’t try to overtake the car, doing that might endanger your life.

15. When You Get a Flat Tyre under a Suspicious Condition Do Not Stop Rather Drive the Car to the Nearest Filling Station

Forget about the damage that will be done on your rim, don’t make any attempt to stop when you get a flat tyre under a suspicious environment; it could be a setup.

16. When You Car Breakdown in an Isolated Area, Don’t Remain in the Car

Don’t sit in your car or stay close to the car when it breakdown in an isolated road, you can be attacked especially when you are alone in the car.

17. Don’t Drive Very Close to a Car in Front of You

It is dangerous to drive very close to a car in front of you, you can be double crossed and you will find it difficult to maneuver your way.

18. If You Have Options, Take Different Routes to Same Destination When You Drive

Try as much as possible not to take same route to a destination if you have alternate route to follow. It will make it difficult for criminals to predict your movement.

19. Only Park Your Car in a Secured Car Park

It is important to confirm that where you intend parking your car is safe before parking the car.

20. Listen to Local Radio Stations While Driving

Most often, if there is a danger in town, you will get to know from the local radio stations and that can help prevent you from driving directly into a trouble spot.

Take these tips really seriously, because it is when you do this that you can be sure of safety.