When it comes to safety, no one is exempted, so the fact that you are a senior citizen doesn’t mean you should ignore self-defense techniques. Senior citizens are also exposed to danger, no thanks to the increase in the rate of crime across the globe.

Self-defense is defined as the right to prevent suffering, force, or violence through the use of a sufficient level of counteracting force or violence.

Although there is a limit to which a senior citizen can act when dishing out counteracting force, the good news is that a senior citizen can still deploy some self-defense techniques that can guarantee their safety whenever they are exposed to danger.

In this article, we will look at some of the best self-defense techniques that senior citizens can use to defend themselves when their life or property is under threat. Most of the self-defense techniques that will be discussed here do not require much strength to deploy them when there is danger looming.

Best Self Defense Technique for Senior Citizen

  1. Psychological Profiling

One of the best techniques that a senior citizen can use is to prevent the attack before it takes place and one of the ways to prevent an attack before it takes place is through psychological profiling. Psychological profiling is used to identify and predict the behavior of people around you.

You just have to quickly profile strangers around you especially when they are approaching your space. Once you are sure they mean no good, or when your instinct tells you that there is danger, you should do the needful by alerting the policy or call 119.

Most self-defense experts will tell you that prevention should always be the priority when thinking of self-defense. It is crucial to avoid placing yourself in a position where you can be easily victimized.

  1. Make Loud Noise

Trust me, when people make a loud noise, they will attract the attention of people around them. For example, if an intruder jumps into the compound of a senior citizen, and the senior citizen raises an alarm by shouting or making a loud noise, it will call the attention of neighbors who might come to rescue you or at least call the police on your behalf.

Your loud noise could be shouting help! help!!! help!!! not necessarily stating what’s happening in your space or compound.

  1. Pepper Spray

Making use of pepper spray is yet another technique that a senior citizen can leverage when the need for self-defense arises. Pepper spray is just one self-defense “tool” in your toolbox, it is not a magical solution that will solve every self-defense scenario but trust me, it will give you an advantage over your attacker if used properly.

All you need to do when someone tries to attack you is to target their face and spray your pepper spray right on their face. Once you do that, make sure you run or move away to safety as soon as possible. There are four types of pepper spray products, fogger, stream, gel, and foam.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so knowing the difference can help you figure out which type will work best for your own needs.

  1. Personal Alarms or Whistles (Emergency Whistles)

Another self-defense technique that senior citizens can use when they are exposed to danger is personal alarm or whistles. Trust me, once a whistle is blown, it will call the attention of people around you.

As a senior citizen, once you are exposed to danger, just make sure you keep blowing the whistle until you get help. Please note that you should always move around with a whistle or personal alarm system. You can attach your whistle to your keyholder or hang it on your neck when going out.

  1. Stun Guns and Tasers

No doubt, stun guns and tasers have rescued many people from imminent danger hence the reason why it is recommended for senior citizens to use them for their self-defense. To make use of stun guns and tasers, the attacker must be nearby.

This is because stun guns are an effective contact weapon but you must physically touch the person with the prongs of the stun gun. It is also best to hold it on them for many seconds. Stun guns work by rapidly overworking the muscle group and depleting it of blood sugar.

Please note that a stun gun only works if it hits the target. In this case, it has to be an area between the base of the neck and the waist. This area as a whole is the largest part of the body and is easily targeted. Practice on your stun gun so your muscles can memorize the movements.

The electrodes are affixed with small barbs so that they will grab onto an attacker’s clothing. When the electrodes are attached, the current travels down the wires into the attacker, stunning him in the same way as a conventional stun gun.

  1. Stinger Tactical Whips

Another self-defense technique that senior citizens can use when they are exposed to danger is a stinger tactical whip. The Stinger Tactical Whip is one of the most efficient non-lethal self-defense weapons on the market because it inflicts a lot of pain on an attacker.

When held properly with the blunt tip protruding in between the middle and ring finger, the Stinger aligns itself with the arm bones and its blunt nose becomes an effective focus for the energy from your punch. This allows non-lethal but equally effective self-defense in a dangerous situation.

  1. Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is yet another self-defense technique or tool that a senior citizen can conveniently use to wade off an attacker.

The tactical pen is a multi-tool that you can use as a striking or stabbing weapon for self-defense. With the right preparation and mindset, it can be an effective deterrent against an attacker, even if you don’t have any martial arts or self-defense training.

One good thing about a tactical pen is that you can carry it in your pocket and move with it freely without drawing attention to yourself. A tactical pen is used for self-defense as an alternative to carrying knives. The pen is designed to be carried into situations where conventional weapons like knives are not allowed.

  1. Steel Batons and Baseball Bats

Lastly, another self-defense technique that senior citizens can use when they are exposed to danger is steel batons or baseball bats. Although this self-defense weapon can’t be carried along with you everywhere you go, you should have them around your house; in a location where you can easily access it and use it.

All you need to do to protect yourself when you are exposed to danger is to use the steel baton or baseball bat to hit an assailant who is trying to harm you. Please note that you should be ready for a fightback which is why you must target the assailant in a place to will knock him or her off. With that, you will be able to call for help or immediately move to a safe place.

In Conclusion,

You must be sure that you are exposed to danger before making use of any of the self-defense techniques listed above. To show that you legally acted in self-defense, you must prove you reasonably believed that you were in danger of suffering bodily injury.

Please note that a person who was the initial aggressor cannot claim self-defense as a justification unless they abandon the combat or the other party has responded with excessive force.