What are the advantages of having a personal bodyguard? Why do celebrities and top business or political icons keep bodyguards? Here’s 10 reasons why it rocks to have a bodyguard.

With the currently increasing rates of crime and violence, people especially celebrities, corporate executives, and political office holders are getting more worries and less sleep. For this reason, personal and home security have become very important aspects for people’s safety and happiness.

Having a bodyguard is a very smart measure for ensuring your safety as well as that of your family. If you want to sleep with both eyes closed and your mind at rest, you need a bodyguard. Aside merely having someone to keep you company all the time, below are 10 reasons why it rocks to have a bodyguard:

Top 10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Have a Bodyguard

1. A bodyguard will defend you from physical harm

Bodyguards are well trained in safety tactics. In cases of emergency, they can unleash their self-defense, first aid, and weapon handling skills, depending on what the situation requires. So, if you face any harmful challenge or you sustain some serious injury, you will have a helper around you.

2. A bodyguard knows when danger lies ahead

Bodyguards are well trained to assess safety routes. They know which areas of your city you should stay clear of at various points in time, for various reasons including traffic and danger. So, a bodyguard knows which routes to take in order to keep you and your family safe from harm.

3. A bodyguard can quickly tell people’s motives

Most of the time, we don’t know what strangers have in mind. They may be criminals. They may be opportunists who want to swindle us. They may be spies sent by real criminals to inspect our vulnerabilities. And they may have other ulterior motives that would leave you badly burned in the end. Bodyguards have been well trained to understand people’s psychologies and predict what they are likely to do. So, having one around you would protect you from covert enemies.

4. A bodyguard does more than protect

Other than protect you from danger, bodyguards can also handle a number of tasks, such as driving and running special errands. In short, bodyguards are versatile. So, if you hire a bodyguard, chances are you will get much more than personal and home protection.

5. A bodyguard checks for vulnerabilities

Most times, burglars break into houses successfully because house owners don’t adopt adequate measures for repelling burglars, and protecting their homes against them. If you hire a bodyguard, chances are that he or she will notice any vulnerability in your home or office and will warn you of the dangers of such vulnerabilities.

6. Bodyguards can give you helpful non-security ideas

Aside offering helpful security-related tips, a bodyguard can offer tips, ideas, and suggestions on other matters because he or she knows much about your private life. So, a bodyguard is not just a protector; he is a confidant, an adviser, and a concerned companion. In fact, you can become so close to your bodyguard that you will badly miss them when they are away. Yes, it could get to that.

7. A bodyguard is great for people with special needs

Aside protection, bodyguards can assist people with special needs in many ways, such as holding them when they need support, leading them through the way, helping them carry and handle things they need, helping them seek help when they need it, and so on. So, if you are someone with special needs, hiring a bodyguard will relieve you of many worries and make life more pleasant.

8. A bodyguard serves as a personal assistant

Sometimes you will be so busy that you won’t be able to pick calls or attend to other urgent matters such as sending or replying to important emails. In such cases, a bodyguard could help you out. And this is why many people stipulate that their bodyguards have very sound communications skills as well as other relevant skills.

9. A bodyguard can be your spy

If you are being skeptical over going to a place to getting closer to an object, you can tell your bodyguard to assess the place or object for safety. Bodyguards know what signs to watch out for that indicate impending danger. They know how to curtail a looming danger to your life when he notices one. And yes, he’s smart enough to protect himself adequately. So, he won’t be putting his own life on the line while trying to protect yours.

10. A bodyguards deter assailants

Most of the time, bodyguards are hefty-looking and well built because they engage in regular workouts and fitness training. Their huge frame sends fears down the spine of anyone who may intend to attack you and cause them to think twice. Also, some bodyguards wield weapons when the situation demands for this. Sighting a weapon alone is enough deterrent for an unarmed assailant.

In conclusion, if you have always shoved aside the idea of hiring a bodyguard before now because you think you don’t need one or because you think you don’t have enough reasons to hire one, I am sure these 10 points reasons would prompt you to have a change of mind. For maximum protection and safety during emergencies and crises, hiring a bodyguard is the best option.