How do you defend yourself against a punch? What is the best technique to protect your face against an attack or punch? Well, I advice you read on.

Whether you are caught up in a bar brawl, or a road rage attack, or a street fight, the most likely attack you will face is a punch, especially one aimed at your face or head. Most attackers and assailants would aim at your head because this would destabilize you quickly.

A heavy punch on the head would cause you to blink, flinch, stagger, or look away; opening the door for many subsequent blows. Even though looking away from an oncoming punch may seem like a safety precaution, it is the worst thing you can do. By looking away, you will expose yourself to more harm, as you won’t see the succeeding blows coming.

So rather than looking away, it is advisable that you keep watch on the punches and safeguard yourself against their damage potential. While doing this, you should cleverly find the exact moment to launch a counterattack. The best time for this is when your attacker relents.

Now, you are most probably wondering how possible it is to protect your face from an attacker’s punch and at the same time watch out for the ideal time to strike back. This is very easy…

How to Defend Yourself against a Punch – The Best Self Defense Technique

There is this defense technique called the “Monkey Defense”, as named by Rodney King, a professional boxing trainer. With this technique, you can protect your face against oncoming punches and still keep watch on your attacker to know when to hit back at him.

How do you use the “monkey defense” technique? Simply place your palms on the back of your head, with the fingertips of both hands touching each other. Then draw your two elbows forwards and let them meet in front of your face. If your own elbows do not meet, don’t worry. Just draw them as close together as possible.

Advantages of this Self Defense Technique

With the monkey defense technique, no blow can land on your face or head. In fact, further attempts by the attacker to punch you will most likely cause serious injury to his fists (as he would hit them against the sharp points of your elbows). (Once you notice that he has been injured this way, spare no time in sending him a heavy counterpunch).

Another advantage of the monkey defense technique is that it still gives you the chance to keep watch on your opponent, through the small window created between your elbows.

Keep in mind that you have to manipulate your forearms and elbows, depending on the direction a punch is coming (or will most likely come) from. This movement of your forearms and elbows will be your literal fortress against a barrage of punches, and at the same time will help you keep your eye on the attacker.

Having learned how to protect yourself from punches using the monkey defense technique, let’s discuss something more important tactics, which is “how to launch a counterattack while in the monkey defense position.”

(Remember, attack is the best form of defense. Therefore, protecting yourself from punches may not be enough to save you. Most of the time, you have to attack). So below are some counterattack moves you can use:

3 Self Defense Moves to Defend yourself against a Punch

  • Rush at your attacker, quickly clinch the back of his head, and pull it onto your chest. Then use your knees to hit him hard on the ribs or head. Better yet, rain heavy overhead punches on his head.
  • Rush at your attacker and clinch his head by placing your right hand at the back of his head and the left beneath his lower jaw. Then twist the head slowly by pulling down with your right hand and pushing up with your left. Doing this sharply will force him off balance. This tactic is very devastating, especially if you have enough stamina to implement it.
  • As soon as your attacker attempts hitting you, gather as much power as you can and send him off with a heavy uppercut.

4 Precautions to Observe When Defending yourself against a Punch

1. If your opponent brings out a weapon, such as a gun, surrender immediately and obey his commands (your life matters most).

2.  After each attempt to counterpunch your opponent, quickly return your hand to the monkey defense position, as your opponent may also be smart enough to send an instant counterpunch.

3.  Never attempt defense tactics that could kill your attacker. If he dies in the process, you will most likely be charged with murder or manslaughter.

4.  The essence of self-defense is to open the door for escape. So, once you are able to escape, run immediately. Don’t wait until you beat your attacker into pulp (of course, you are not in a competition), as your attacker may overpower you again.