Are you traveling to another country but you are concerned about your safety? If YES, here are 20 best personal security tips to know while traveling abroad. With the global rise in terrorism, it is important that every traveler must be proactive when it comes to security.

If you are traveling abroad for the first time or even if you are a frequent traveler, there is the need to be security conscious because most often than not you may find yourself amongst strangers.

With the recent rise in insecurity and terrorism in the world, it is important for every traveler to be proactive when it comes to security. In this article, we will be discussing basic security tips that will ensure that you are safe when you embark on a journey abroad.

Although, various countries and even airline companies are always on their toes when it comes to security of the lives and properties under their care, it is also your responsibility to ensure that you abide by basic security tenets. No doubt, if you travel abroad, there is the possibility that you will be exposed to security dangers especially if you don’t have special protocol officers assigned to you on your arrival.

In some countries you might be attacked simply because you are of a different race or if the assume that you are a stranger and you don’t know your way about town. Here are basic security tips that will help you secure your life and belongings while traveling abroad;

Best Personal Security Tips While Traveling Abroad

1. Keep Your Traveling Documents / International Passport Secured

One of the top security tips you must adhere to while traveling is to ensure that you keep your traveling documents / international passport secured. The truth is that criminals and terrorist can steal your passport if they have the opportunity to do so.

2. Don’t Discuss Your Private Life with a Stranger that you meet on the Plane

It is normal to engage in discussion with the person sitting next to you on the plane especially if it is a long journey. However, if you must engage in discussions with a stranger on the plane, ensure that you don’t discuss your private life with them; you could be sitting next to a terrorist or a member of a criminal gang. Limit your discussion to current affairs, sports or any topic as long as it is not your private life.

3. Abide By the Security Tips Given By the Airline Management

Normally you will be given security tips by the cabin crews or the airport management, ensure that you abide by it.

4. Ensure That Your Traveling Bags and Luggage are Locked and Secured

It is important to lock your traveling bags and luggage with reliable locks to prevent people from stealing your stuff or from placing band substances like cocaine, marijuana et al inside your bag or luggage.

5. Don’t Disclose Your Traveling Itinerary to a Stranger

It is often said that ‘loose lips sink ships’ if you disclose your traveling itinerary to stranger, you might endanger your life. Please don’t disclose your traveling itinerary to strangers.

6. Minimize the Cash You Carry Along While Traveling

It is to your advantage to minimize the cash you carry with you whilst traveling; make use of credit cards as much as you can.

7. Only Lodge in a Secure Hotel

If you are traveling to a city for the first time, it is important to lodge in a secure hotel if you don’t want to endanger your life.

8. Ensure That You Have Someone to Pick You from the Airport on Arrival

This is especially important if you are travelling for the first time. Make arrangements for someone to pick you from the airport on arrival if you are traveling for the first time; it is a good security measure.

9. Keep Your Camera and Mobile Device Safe

It is important to safeguard your camera and mobile device while traveling abroad. If they are stolen, information about you can be accessed.

10. Don’t Walk Alone in a Strange Land

Always walk with a partner or in groups if you aren’t sure of the security of your life and belongings in a strange land.

11. Get Security Updates on the Country and City You Intend Traveling to Before Embarking on the Journey

It is important to get security updates before traveling to a country or city if you don’t want to run into a trouble spot.

12. Ensure That You Do Not Enter any Country with Contraband Goods or Equipments

Get an update of goods that are not allowed in the country you intend traveling to and ensure you do no travel with such goods.

13. Be Cautious When Using Cabs in a Country you are visiting for the First Time

If you suspect any cab driver, please don’t use his cab, look for another cab driver that you can trust.

14. If You are Traveling as a Tourist, Ensure That You Move with a Team

It is safer to move with a team if you are traveling as tourist. This way you are able to combat any terror since you are in a group.

15. Move around Town with Valid ID Preferably Your International Passport

If you don’t want to be embarrassed by security operatives in a foreign land, ensure that you move around with valid ID or your international passport with valid visa.

16. Patronize Only Authorized Bureau De Change

If you must change money, ensure that you only patronize authorized bureau de change. It is safer to do so.

17. Make Use of Your Credit Cards as Against Cash

If you have options of payment, ensure that you make use of credit cards as against paying with cash.

18. Don’t make it Obvious that you are a Visitor

Please try as much as you can not to show the average man on the street that you are a visitor to their country; people might take advantage of you.

19. Be Careful of the Info You Post On Social Media

In this era of social media boom, loads of people update their status on the go not minding the security implication. Please be careful of the info you post on social media while traveling.

20. Respect the Culture and the Laws of the Country You Are Visiting

It is important to respect the culture of the country you are visiting and also abide by their laws during your stay.

There you have it; 20 security tips while traveling abroad.