In this age, where everyone is being watched and spied upon with super computers. Here are 20 hack-proof security tips for social networking from 20 FBI Agents.

Social networking has proven overtime to be the most suitable and convenient platform for making new friends, dating and also relating with old friends and acquaintance so a lot of information changes hand via the various social networking platform available in the world wide web.

In the bid to connect with people on social networking sites, loads of people expose themselves to danger; some people don’t just end up loosing their life’s savings to fraudsters, but also they lose their lives. So, it is important to be security conscious when you network on any social media platform especially dating sites.

Although, the management of various social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, MySpace et al, ensure that they protect their users from criminal elements online, but that is never enough. You must be security conscious if you don’t want to fall victim of internet fraudsters and criminals. They are everywhere looking for gullible people to defraud.

In other to stay safe when networking on social media platforms, here are 20 security tips that will be of great help to you;

20 “FBI Inspired”Security Tips for Social Networking

Table of Content

1. Read the Terms and Conditions before Signing Up With Any Social Networking Platform

The first step to take if you are security conscious is to ensure that you read the terms and conditions of any social networking platform before signing up. Loads of people fail to do this.

2. Minimize the Information (Personal Info) You Post on Social Networking Sites

It is important to minimize the information of yourself that you post online. A complete stranger should not read your profile and know almost everything about you.

3. Minimize the Pictures You Post on Social Networking Sites

It is also very important to minimize the pictures you post on social networking sites; it could be used against you.

4. Don’t Post Your Residential Address on Social Networking Sites

Sincerely, there is no point publishing your residential address on social networking sites. It will make it easier for people to trace you and that could be dangerous.

5. Scrutinize All Friend Requests on Social Media before Accepting

Ensure that you scrutinize all friend requests you receive on social media platform before accepting them.

6. Be Very Careful When Going on a Date with Someone You Meet On Social Media Platform

If you are on dating sites, ensure that you take precaution before going on a date with any person you meet there. This is so avoid being harmed or robbed.

7. Don’t Expose Your Assets on Social Media Platforms

It is risky exposing your assets on social media platforms, some folks feel that is an avenue to attract dates. However, in the true sense of the work that is sheer arrogance that can be harmful.

8. If You Must Make Use of Your Credit Card on any Social Networking Sites, Ensure That the Platform is Secure

Only make use of your credit card in a secured platform to avoid fraudsters from stealing from you.

9. If You Sign in a Public Computer, Ensure That You Properly Sign – Out Before Leaving

Ensure that you sign – out from public computers whenever you make use of them. If you don’t someone can access you info and perhaps change your password.

10. Minimize Updating Your Location per time on Social Media Platforms

Some people take delight in updating their location on social media platforms. A criminal can easily trace you if you do that on social media.

11. Don’t Post Your Personal Number to the Public on any Social Media Platform unless you are In Business

Avoid posting your personal numbers to the public on any social media platform unless you are in it for business or if you are sure it is only open to your friends and not the general public.

12. Don’t Accept Business Proposals from Strangers on Social Media Platform

Sincerely social media platforms is not a suitable platforms for receiving business proposals, you can be duped in the process.

13. Ensure You Change Your Password at Regular Intervals

It is also important to change your password at regular intervals to avoid hackers breaking into your profile.

14. Don’t Open Any Attached File Sent to Your Box if You Are Not Sure of the Sender

Hackers make use of attached file to access people’s profile; when you open an attached file from an unknown source, your system might be hacked.

15. Be careful of Who Handles Your Smart phone and Other Internet Enabled Device

It is important to be careful when leaving your smart phone with anybody; your social media platforms and other vital personal info can be accessed.

16. Report to the Admin Whenever You Receive Threat From Any User on Social Networking Sites

Ensure you report to the admin whenever you receive a threat from anybody on the social networking site that you belong to.

17. Customize Your Page to Avoid Internet Marauders

In social media platforms, there are ways you can customize you page so that only those you want to access it can do so. That is a way of preventing internet marauders from your page.

18. Study the Security Features on Social Networking Platforms and Ensure You Make Use of Them

It is also very important to study the security features on social networking platforms and them turn on the right security buttons. Putting on the right security buttons on could help you stay safe online.

19. Sign – Off Whenever You Noticed Consistent Breach of Your Privacy In Any Social Networking Platform

There is no point staying in any social networking platform with weak security control. Just make sure you sign off from such platforms whenever you noticed consistent breach of your privacy.

20. Don’t Release Your Password to Anybody Online

No matter who is requesting for it, ensure that you do not release your password online to anybody. Internet fraudsters sometimes clone notable websites and then request that you submit you details including your password for them to update your profile; please do not release such vital information to a third party.

Therefore, you can rest assured that these tips would help you combat any security danger that might be looming on the social networking sites.