How do you protect your home at night? What are the best do-it-yourself home security tips and tricks? How do you secure your life and property without using arms or hiring security guards? Well, I advice you read on.

One of the most important aspects of being a homeowner is to keep your home safe at all times. Once you can ensure the safety of your home, then you can almost guarantee the inhabitants of your house which may include your family members. Therefore, it is very essential that you know various tips for achieving this. Knowing and implementing such tips will keep burglars, armed bandits and other intruders away from your home. So without wasting your time, below are 13 surefire tips and tricks for keeping your home secure.

Top 13 DIY Home Security Tips and Tricks for Personal Protection

1.    Install deadbolt locks

Though they are more expensive than spring latch locks, deadbolt locks are much stronger and therefore provide more protection. So, you should add at least one-inch thick deadbolt locks to all exterior doors in your home. However, when installing deadbolt locks, ensure that there’s little or no space between the doors and their frames, as such spaces make it easy for intruders to force the door apart. To reduce the space, use plywood or metal sheets to reinforce the door.

2.   Use interior door hinges

Intruders can easily remove the hinge pins and gain entrance into your home if your doors have their hinges on the outside. Therefore, reset all your hinges so that they cannot be tampered with from the exterior.

3.    Use metal bar on sliding doors

Do not leave sliding doors (or even windows) unprotected. Install metal bars behind them, as this will prevent burglars from gaining entrance after smashing the glass.

4.    Install a security alarm system

This is one if the best measures for protecting your home. A home alarm system will blare off a loud sound to alert you of any potential dangers and to scare burglars away. An alarm system, even when silent, can keep intruders away, as the mere sight of it can deter intruders from making further attempts.

5.    Hide all wiring

One of the first things burglars do is finding any wires hanging on the exterior of your house and disconnecting them in order to disable all security devices. Therefore, hide your home security wires as a smart move to prevent this.

6.   Install a home surveillance system

Having a home surveillance system that comprises both visible and hidden security cameras is another very good security measure. While visible cameras indirectly warn intruders that you are watching every move they make, the hidden ones are best for recording burglary footage, and they help to monitor intruders in cases when the visible cameras are destroyed.

Top 13 DIY Home Security Tips and Tricks for Personal Protection

7.  Subscribe to an alarm monitoring service

Alarm monitoring services connect your alarm system to a central monitoring center. If your alarm goes off, the sound is relayed to the monitoring center, which immediately contacts and dispatches the police to your home within a few minutes.

8.    Display yard signs

Although yard signs may not prevent desperate burglars from entering your home, they can deter intruders because they pass the message that you have a functional alarm system and that all intruders are monitored. Upon seeing yard signs, most burglars will think twice before entering your home – because they will realize that they may be caught.

9.    Use only solid wood or metal doors

Burglars find it very easy to break through doors made of plywood or hollow wood. Therefore, you should improve your home security by installing doors made of metal or solid wood at all entrances.

10.   Install a glass breakage detector

A glass breakage detector can sense the frequency of breaking glass. So, if a burglar smashes a glass door or window while attempting to enter your home, this detector triggers your alarm immediately.

11.   Give a false impression that someone is around

Most burglars scour neighborhoods looking for unoccupied houses or houses whose occupants are away for some time. Therefore, when you are away, use automatic timers to switch off your security lights at the right times. This makes burglars think that someone is in the house.

12.   Keep a guard dog

Many people now use guard dogs to watch over and protect their homes from intruders. Guard dogs need extensive training and socialization to make them hostile towards strangers and friendly towards their owners and other familiar faces. Many dog breeds can make excellent guards. Examples of the best guard dog breeds include the German shepherd, the bullmastiff, the Caucasian shepherd, the Rottweiler, the American Staffordshire terrier, the Airedale terrier, the Doberman pinscher, and the giant schnauzer.

So, if you are considering buying a guard dog, go for one of the mentioned breeds. But if you already have one, all you need to do is consult a guard dog training expert to help you train it to become an efficient sentinel.

In conclusion, if security concerns are causing you to lose some sleep, apply these tips, and your home will be safe and secure.