What are the best guard dogs? What security dogs are the most aggressive and dangerous? What are the types of guard dogs available today? Well, I advice you read on. A guard dog is one that is used to watch out for and guard against unwanted people or animals.

It is discriminating; so, it does not attack familiar people, such as its owner’s family or other pets. Even though all dogs have an innate instinct to guard, most dog breeds need extensive training to enhance this instinct and convert it into a duty for them.

  Qualities of a Guard Dog

Large, dangerous, and ferocious dogs are most suitable for use as guards because they can easily instill fear in intruders. Therefore, most dogs trained for use as guards have these qualities.

The most popular breeds used as guard dogs include the bullmastiff, the German shepherd, the Rottweiler, the Caucasian shepherd, the Hungarian sheepdog, the giant schnauzer, the Airedale terrier, the Black Russian terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, the Neapolitan mastiff, and the Puli.

 Difference between Guard Dogs and Watch Dogs

Now all guard dogs are watch dogs but not all watch dogs are guard dogs. Guard dogs, like other pets, are very friendly and loyal to people they are familiar with.

(However, not all guard dog breeds are friendly with children.) At the same time, they can be very aggressive and hostile towards intruders. Unlike watchdogs, guard dogs can attack and harm trespassers and strangers (watchdogs only bark to alert their owner when they sense danger or intruders; they do not attack).

Now there are different types of guard dogs, based on the training given them and the duty assigned to them. So without wasting your time, below are the various types of the guard dogs and the duties they are trained to perform:

Six Types of Guard Dogs for Security and Personal Protection

  • Home security dogs

Most guard dogs are kept for the purpose of watching over and guarding homes. Particularly excellent as home security dogs are the Doberman pinscher and the German shepherd. These breeds have huge and intimidating appearances that can frighten strangers.

Also, they also have very keen senses of smell and sight and so are very good at differentiating between familiar faces and intruders that may mean harm. In addition, these breeds are very friendly with children and babies, and can be left alone with them without any fear.

  • Personal protection dogs

These dogs are trained to protect individuals or families against threats. They closely accompany their owners everywhere and are always ready to attack anyone who threatens their owners. Personal protection dogs are also trained to guard their owners in complex situations such as crowded areas, during stampedes, accident scenes, and incidents involving gunshots and other signals of violence.

  • Commercial protection dogs

They help to watch over commercial establishments and guard them against any security threats. Such dogs chase and pin down burglars, shoplifters, and other unwanted intruders in places such as malls, supermarkets, and so on.

  • Military dogs

These dogs are professionally trained for military purposes. They are useful during investigations to track criminals. They are also trained to watch out for enemies, track them, and attack them on command. Breeds trained as military dogs are highly intelligent and have very keen senses of smell.

Aside humans, military dogs can detect the presence of potentially harmful objects – such as bombs, mines, metallic weapons, dangerous gases, and ammunition. However, most military dogs require frequent training in order to maintain their advanced skills.

  • Property guard dogs

When property such as a home or a car is left unoccupied, property guard dogs are used to keep watch over such property in the absence of the owner. Property guard dogs are usually very loyal and intelligent, as they must perform their duties even when no one is around to supervise them or give commands.

  • Livestock guard dogs

These are used to protect livestock or other pets from predators or intruders. They are used in poultries, cattle ranches, pigsties, and other places where livestock are kept. Livestock guard dogs are well socialized; so they are very friendly with the animals they are meant to protect. Breeds that make selfless livestock guard dogs include the Akhbash, the Anatolian Shepherd, and the Great Pyrenees.

 Advanced Guard dog training

Guard dogs are trained extensively and professionally. They are also well socialized so that they can control their aggression and they do not go out of control or develop any behavioral issues. Various training methods are used in grooming guard dogs.

The most popular method is the Schutzhund, a German training technique that includes obedience training and protection training. The French ring is another type of dog training that includes obedience training, protection training, and agility training.

As a final note, it is very important you know that for guard dogs to play their roles well, they must be properly cared for, well fed, and showed love and affection. This will improve their confidence and loyalty to their owners.