How do you defend your home from burglars and armed robbers without a gun? How do you protect your home at night? Well, I advice you read on.

If you live in a state or country where it is considered a criminal act to have a gun in your possession, then the fear of burglary won’t be accepted from you as an excuse for carrying one. However, you still have to defend your home against intruders; but you will have to try different approaches in without breaking the rules in your state or country.

Even if your state or country allows people to carry guns, most of the time, you don’t need one to ward off intruders who may try to get into your home. Below are seven tips for defending your home even when you don’t have a gun:

Steps to Defend Your Home Without a Gun

1.  Get a home security dog

Dogs have very strong senses of sight and hearing. So, they can easily tell when something is wrong. This makes home security dogs even more effective than security alarms. When your dog sights an intruder, it barks vigorously to alert you.

Even if you are a very deep sleeper, the barking of most dogs will wake you up, prompting to take quick action – call 911, find something hard and blunt (such as a baseball bat) to arm yourself with, hide somewhere, and so on. Aside barking to alert you, most home security dogs are trained to attack an intruder. So, your dog either knocks him down or chases him away.

2.  Get a personal security device

A smart intruder can easily beat all your security checks and get into your home. So that you won’t be caught unawares by such, always have a close range security defense tool.

A stun gun or pepper spray is an ideal example. While a stun gun pumps volts of electricity into an intruder’s body to weaken him, pepper spray contains oleoresin capsicum, a pepperish chemical that inflicts burning pain on the eyes and nostrils.

3.  Install floodlights

Most intruders operate in the dark at night. Of course, they hate to be seen. So, by installing bright floodlights around your home, you will successfully deter most intruders. Although floodlights may not be enough to keep away armed robbers, they can help you or your neighbors sight their movement and take quick action.

4.  Have your hitting tool

This is also necessary for dealing with smart intruders that have successfully broken into your home. Always keep a baseball bat, an ugly, rugged stick, or some other long and hard object beside or beneath your bed. This is necessary, just in case…

Your tool must not be too long or too short. If it’s too long, you may not be able to strike hard while maintaining your own balance. And if it is too short, you will need to get too close before you can strike – which may be dangerous.

5.  Fortify your home

Although most burglars have tools for easily breaking into homes, you can make your home more difficult to break for them to break into.

If the doors that lead into your home are wooden ones, replace them with metal doors. If your locks are of low grade, replace them with much stronger ones. If your fence is short, raise it beyond what anyone can easily scale, and embellish it with barbed wires.

6.  Install a home security camera

Installing a surveillance camera is another smart security move that can protect your home from intruders. Mount cameras at your entrances and other strategic places in your home, and monitor whatever may be happening right from the corner of your room.

If your security camera has a video recording capacity, then it would do more than letting you know that an intruder is around; it can store clips that would reveal his identity even if he manages to get away.

7.  Plant thorny roses

If you think people are now planting roses only for beautification, you may be wrong! Some people now plant thorny roses to both beautify their environment and give intruders a nasty experience.

It doesn’t have to be roses. In case you don’t like roses, try some other plant with thorns (blackberries are a good example). Plant them around your fence line and under your windows. Of course, an intruder won’t come with pruning shears.

In conclusion

It is important to note that none of the tips discussed so far is of itself a magic wand. So, it is only smart to implement as many of them as you can.

The more you can implement, the harder it becomes for intruders to invade your home. So, if you have always wondered how you can defend your home without necessarily having a gun, put into action all you just learned in this post, and you will thank me for it.