What are the best guard dog breeds for personal protection? What are the smartest security dogs for property protection? Which dog has the ability to defend your and your home if the need arises? Well, I will advice you read on to find out for yourself.

With the current increase in the global rates of burglary, assault and other crimes, taking measures to protect yourself has become more than necessary.

Having a well-trained guard dog around you is one of the smartest ways of protecting yourself from intruders. A guard dog watches your back even when you are not conscious of your security at that moment. It senses impending danger when you may be unaware. It alerts you when it senses anything strange and it fights bravely to protect you from harm.

In fact, having a well-trained personal guard dog could make the difference between the success of and failure of an intruder’s plot.

Having said all that, I need to quickly add that not all dogs can act as guards. No matter how hard you train some dog breeds, they just can’t help you when you need help. Only some types of dogs (you will know them soon) can perform excellently in this regard.

One more thing: Note that no dog is a born an excellent personal guard – not even the best guard dogs you’ll ever find. A dog becomes a selfless guard only after extensive grooming.

By nature, most dogs are no more than pets kept for companionship or amusement. And even those believed to be natural guard dogs require some obedience training to make them good guards. So in this write up, I will be discussing the 10 best dogs that can make badass sentinels.

Though you may think that the pit bull is the best breed for personal protection, this isn’t true. The honest truth is that there are other types of guard dogs breeds that can wipe the floor with any pit bull you can find:

Best Guard Dogs Breeds for Personal and Property Protection

1. The German shepherd

For a long time, this dog has been a favorite family pet. It is very tolerant and friendly towards small children, which makes it your best option if you have got kids.

Weighing between 75 to 90 pounds at full maturity, the German shepherd is large, agile, and very strong. Its high level of intelligence and high degree of trainability make it perfectly suited for sentry duty, police work, danger sensing, and rescue.

In addition, it is very obedient, loyal, loving, and it makes an excellent assistant for disabled people. Though it requires regular brushing, it is otherwise very easy and cheap to cater for.

2. The Rottweiler

With a history that dates back to the days of the Roman Empire, this dog is believed to be a descendant of the Italian Mastiff.

It is very powerful and has a large body. At full maturity, it can weigh up to 130 pounds. Very energetic in nature, the Rottweiler can run at fast speeds for a long time. (So, intruders can hardly escape.) Also very watchful and alert, it barks at the sight of anything strange.

The Rottweiler is also very friendly with people, and it interacts well with children and even other pets, such as cats. However, it can be overly aggressive towards other dogs – even with proper training and socialization.

3. The bullmastiff

The bullmastiff is very fearless and can go to any length to protect you and your family. A bulldog-mastiff cross, this dog is huge, and it uses its large size to knock down an intruder and pin him to the ground. Despite having a weight of about 120 pounds at maturity, the bullmastiff is very quick and agile.

By nature, this dog is a guard, due to its size and temperament. But it must be given basic dog obedience training, as this is very essential.

4. The Komondor

Also known as the Hungarian sheepdog, this rare dog has a large body that weighs 125 pounds at full maturity. It has an unusual fur that gives it a commanding appearance. Though huge, the Komondor is very fast, agile, and powerful. In addition, it has a very strong immune system and rarely has health issues. However, this dog is easily bored, and it requires consistent training over a long time.

5. The Doberman pinscher

A very nice and docile family pet, the Doberman pinscher loves human interaction and bonds easily with people. Although it is fine with older children, this dog shouldn’t be left alone with smaller children unless it has been well trained.

Muscular and athletic, the Doberman pinscher has great strength, energy, and stamina. In addition, it is determined and assertive. Though this dog is very easy to train, it requires extensive obedience training and exercise on a regular basis.

6. The giant schnauzer

Another guard dog by nature, the giant schnauzer can faithfully protect you and your family. In fact, it can do this without any formal protection or guard training. However, it would require some obedience training. The giant schnauzer is always gay, loyal, and sensitive.

It has a dominant personality that does not tolerate the presence of other dogs. This dog is happiest when called to action – it plays its role excellently.

7. The Rhodesian ridgeback

This very intelligent and loyal dog prefers to be indoors with you and your family. It can be emotionally hurt if handled roughly or harshly. Otherwise, it is very brave and loyal. Though very reserved with strangers, the Rhodesian ridgeback is a very good sentinel.

It has high energy and endurance, making it a very good jogging companion. However, the Rhodesian ridgeback can be strong-willed and mischievous, and it has a propensity to get into trouble. So, you should only consider it if you’re highly experienced with dogs.

8. The American Staffordshire terrier

Similar in size and appearance to the American pit bull terrier and often mistaken for it, this dog has a stocky body and short fur. At maturity, it weighs between 57 to 66 pounds. Though not a natural guard dog, the American Staffordshire terrier is quick to sense dangerous encounters, and it will fight selflessly to defend you.

It gets more aggressive when threatened. So don’t ever threaten it – not even jokingly. Also, you should be very careful when training the American Staffordshire terrier, as it can learn new habits – good and bad – quickly, due its being highly intelligent.

9. Puli

Having a similar coat but a smaller size than the Komondor, this dog also makes an excellent watchdog. Although it reserved in nature, it is very watchful and will bark vigorously whenever it senses danger. The Puli is an excellent family dog, due to its cheerfulness and friendliness.

It is very energetic and responds quickly to obedience training. However, the Puli requires regular bathing, and its very thick fur can take a long time to dry – up to 2 hours with a hair dryer and up to 2 days if left to dry naturally. It does not require brushing, though.

10. Caucasian Shepherd

Depending on its upbringing, this dog can be either excessively soft or vicious. The Caucasian Shepherd is very rustic and it quickly adapts to every climate. It is very easy to train, energetic, agile, and sensitive. It is highly suspicious of strangers and may become overly aggressive.

In conclusion, if you have yourself or your home to protect, you now know the dogs to consider. Now I know there are other good guard dogs around like the Neapolitan Bull Mastiff and the Boerboel but the dogs I listed here are my favorites anytime any day because they have been tested and proven.

With proper advanced training and care, these guard dogs will watch your back, alert you when danger looms, and protect you with their life when you need help.