How do you burglar proof your windows and doors? How do you prevent burglar attacks? Here are 8 DIY impregnable ways to burglar proof your windows.

Just recently, i wrote an article on how to burglar proof your home, so i am following it up with some tips for burglar proofing windows. With the current increase in the rates of robbery and burglary attacks, it has become highly necessary for homeowners to fortify their homes using measures that will hinder burglars from having their way.

As expected, most homeowners are taking various steps to put in place strong security measures; all in a bid to protect their homes.

For example, most people now install strong metallic doors with locks that are almost unbreakable. Also, surveillance cameras and security alarms are now selling faster than before because homeowners are having them installed in their homes, as a way of detecting any unusual activity.

However, despite the various security measures that most homeowners put in place to protect their homes, there is usually a big loophole in most home and that loophole are the windows. People spare no dollar in fortifying their main entrances and doors.

But most of the time, they ignore their windows. And for this reason, burglars find it very easy to break into many homes through their windows.

So, as a homeowner, one of the ways to protect your home from burglars is to fortify not just the doors to your home, but also the windows. Below are eight tips on how you can fortify your windows and render them burglarproof:

8 DIY Impregnable Ways to Burglar Proof Your Windows in 2023

1.  Install additional locks and impact resistant glass

This may sound odd, but it’s a great tip. The more locks you have on your window, the harder is becomes for a burglar to break through them. You may also want to install impact resistant glass, which burglars will find very difficult to break.

2.  Install grilles on your windows

With a flimsy net on your windows, burglars and robbers can easily find their way.  So, a much better way to secure your windows is to install metal grilles. Even if robbers break the glass, they still won’t be able to gain entrance to your home.

For maximum protection, however, install hard metal grilles that have small spaces in their patterns. Grilles with large spaces are not advisable because they can still allow the passage of hands or weapons. For increased aesthetic values, ensure that your chosen grilles have decorative patterns on them.

3.  Install bright floodlights

Don’t just install floodlights at your main entrance. Have them installed over your windows, too. Burglars are like cockroaches; they hate light. Mere having a very bright light over your windows will make a burglar think twice, or risk being noticed and caught.

4.  Plants thorns

Even if you have your home garnished with flowers, plant some thorny bushes or shrubs right under your windows. This alone can make your windows inaccessible to burglars and robbers. However, avoid planting trees with strong trunks too close to your windows, as these may help burglars break into your home easily (they will climb on it to have better access to your windows). So plant only thorny shrubs and flowers.

5.  Place items that will alert you close to your windows

Place close to your windows items that topple over or that make noise when touched or stepped upon. You will be alerted by the noise from those objects in case a burglar or robber tries to enter through your window.

6. Connect your security alarm to your windows

One mistake most people make is connecting only their doors to their security alarm systems. The truth is, burglars are getting more skilled and would rather enter your home through your windows than through the doors. So, having your windows connected to the alarm system is a smart approach. Whenever a window is forced open, your alarm goes off, and the burglar runs away.

7.  Change pre-installed locks

Most of the time, windows come with pre-installed locks. However, these locks are no longer safe, as some burglars have “master keys” that could unlock such.

So, you should install new locks on your windows. You can position these locks where intruders can’t easily see them from the outside. This will discourage them. (Caution: always keep a copy of your key close to the window in case you need to escape during an emergency).

8.  Use tinted or reflective glass

Before attempting to break into a home, most burglars would look through large windows to see if that home is worth robbing. However, by having tinted or reflective glass on your windows, you will keep an intruder guessing, and this will lower the chance of him robbing your home.

In conclusion, if you put the above measures in place, you will protect your home from burglars who may want to break in through your windows.