How do you protect your personal residence without a gun? How do you defend your home from invaders such as armed robbers, burglars, assassins or serial killers, kidnappers, etc? Well, I advice you read on.

Although the law in countries like the US allows you to have a personal gun, many other countries consider it a crime to have one in your possession especially if you are not a police or military officer.

Even when the law allows you to have a personal gun, it can only be very helpful as a self-defense tool. It will not stop burglars from entering your home when you are away. So, if you are more concerned about the security of your home, whether in your presence or absence; then you better look beyond having a personal gun (that’s even if your country’s laws allow it) – for the reason stated above.

However, there are certain safety measures can help you protect your personal residence from burglars and other intruders, even when you are away. Without wasting your time, here they are:

How to Protect Your Personal Residence or Home without a Gun

Installing a home security device can help ward off burglars from your home. Examples of such devices include security alarms, security camera and surveillance systems, and alarm monitoring services. Security alarms have sensors that detect unusual activity within your home.

Whenever there is a burglary attempt, the alarm goes off. This will alert you to take action especially if you are around. Or, as is the case most of the time, the alarm sends the burglar on his heels.

A security camera and surveillance system comprises one or more cameras and a display for monitoring activity within the area of view of the cameras. Some systems also include recording systems that store captured events in a hard disk. So, you can find out everything that happened while you were away.

Alarm monitoring services connect your home security alarm to a remote central alarm-monitoring center. Whenever a burglar attempts breaking into your home and your alarm goes off, the alert is relayed to the central alarm monitoring system, which in turn contacts the police immediately.

2.   Get a dog

Dogs have senses of smell and hearing 100,000 times keener than that of humans. They can also see very clearly, even in the dark. So, these qualities make them highly reliable sentinels for your personal residence.

Watchdogs are dogs trained to keep watch over an area and bark vigorously at the sight of an intruder or anything strange. Though they do not attack the intruder, they alert you to take action fast. Also, their barks alone can scare away the intruder.

Guard dogs do more than bark at intruders – they attack. So, if you are away from your residence most of the time, you would be better off with a guard dog.

Many dog breeds will make excellent guard dogs. Examples include the German shepherd, the bullmastiff, the Doberman pinscher, the Caucasian shepherd, the Rottweiler, the giant schnauzer, the Staffordshire terrier, the Rhodesian ridgeback, and the Tibetian mastiff.

However, note that these dogs are not good guards by default. You will need to train them extensively and socialize them in order to turn them into reliable guards.

3.   Fortify your home

Making it hard for burglars to enter your home unnoticed is another good home security measure. Most burglars are like cockroaches; they hate bright light. So, install exterior floodlights (if possible), and install very bright lights over all entrances and windows – which of course should be locked always.

Also, if your fence is so short that even a rookie burglar can scale it without effort, raise it to heights that will discourage anyone from making an attempt. And don’t forget to “embellish” your fence with barbed wires.

4.   Have a funny weapon

Sometimes, a burglar may be smart enough to beat all your security checks. Proactively confronting such a burglar may be the next thing to do. So, always have a strong “funny” weapon around you – such as an ugly looking stick with some thorns or nodes at its tips, a light but strong rod, or a baseball bat.

Just a single strike with these weapons will inflict a solid, memorable damage on the intruder; not to talk of many more strikes. However, avoid short weapons that will require you to get too close before striking.

5.  Buy a self-protection device

Today, you will find various self-protection devices in the market. These range from batons that pump high voltage electric shock into the assailant’s body to pepper sprays and tear gas sprays that stun or irritate the assailant’s eyes, throat, and nose.

In conclusion, I believe that with these measures in place, burglars will think twice before breaking into your home. And if they do, they surely won’t get away. It’s a guarantee!