How do you burglar proof your home? How do you guard against theft especially when you are not at home? Well, I advice you read on as I explain in details how to burglar proof your home.

The current global economic recession is affecting everyone; even burglars and robbers. Because there’s no money in people’s hands and money is no longer flowing around, there’s increased desperation, and more people are resorting to crime.

Little wonder, the rate at which crimes, such as home burglaries are now being reported is becoming more alarming. Still due to the current economic trends, more houses are empty because of foreclosures, and this makes them vulnerable to burglar attacks. Neighborhoods that used to be safe are now becoming more tempting to burglars and robbers.

However, as a homeowner, it is your duty to protect your home and personal belongings. Now there are ways to burglar proof and keep your home safe. So without wasting your time, below are eight proven tips on how you can protect your home from attack by burglars and other intruders:

8 DIY Impregnable Ways to Burglar Proof your Home

1.  Reinforce the front door

When trying to fortify your home, you must start with the first door because it is usually the first point of call for intruders. If it looks weak and vulnerable, even at first sight, then it will catch a thief’s eye. So, make it stronger by installing both a cylinder lock and deadlock. Also, if you think the door is not strong enough, remove it and install a stronger one.

2.  Light up everywhere

Most burglary attacks happen in the night, and poorly lit homes are the most vulnerable. So, you should install very bright floodlights that will illuminate everywhere around your home at night. Intruders hate light, and they will think twice if they see that your home is well lit. Installing motion sensor lights is another smart approach that makes you aware of an intruder’s presence.

3. Buy a home security dog

Guard dogs are very good sentinels. Breeds like the German shepherd, the Pit-bull, the Rottweiler, etc can be very good at sensing and attacking intruders. Even their barks alone could scare off intruders and alert you that the dog has sighted some unusual activity. So, buy a dog, have it well trained and keep it in your home.

4.  Plant shrubs

Shrubs , especially thorny ones can help prevent burglars from entering your home. However, always keep them at a low height so that intruders cannot hide between them or climb on them while attempting to enter your home. Keeping them low also makes it easy for your neighbors to sights what’s going on in your compound whenever you are not around. According to some experts, 3 feet off the ground is the recommended height for shrubs and 6 feet is recommended for tree branches.

5.  Protect your privacy

Most of the time, burglars would peek into your home before attempting to break in.  They want to check what you have got in there to know if your home is worth burgling. So, whenever you are not at home, keep all window blinds closed so that intruders cannot peruse the items in your home and estimate their worth. By making it impossible for them to do this, you will keep them guessing. And intruders rarely bank on guesses. (Of course, we all hate to waste our efforts).

In addition, avoid putting out calling cards with boxes of expensive items like the flat screen you bought recently. This way, you would be advertising all the great loot in your home. Keep all such stuff until garbage day.

6.  Install home security devices

Surveillance cameras and security alarms are now selling fast because more homeowners are installing them in their homes to check unusual activity. You should join the crowd here; install these devices in your home so that you will be aware of an intruder’s presence.

7.  Don’t leave any clues that you are not around

Most burglars won’t attempt breaking into home when you are around. That’s why most burglar attacks happen when homes are deserted. To reduce the chances of your home being burgled, always fool intruders by giving them a false impression that you are at home when you are really not.

Take your name off your mailbox. Smart burglars can easily find your phone number on Google and dial it to know if you are at home (an unpicked call tells them you are away). Also, don’t leave the mail piled up in your mailbox when you  are away. Again, you will be telling intruders that you are not at home.

8.  Reinforce your windows

One common mistake by homeowners is to fortify only the doors and leave the windows vulnerable. For most burglars who cannot enter through your door, your windows are the next entry points. So, fortify your windows with strong grilles and locks.

In conclusion, I believe that with the tips offered in this post, you would be able to protect your home from burglars and other intruders who may attempt to break in whenever you are around or not.