Brinks Home Security is a well-known company in the home security system business. Headquartered in Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas, this company remains a very viable leader in the smart home and security industry. They are known to offer well-tested products and services for alarm monitoring, and they also have over 1 million customers in North America alone.

Brinks Home Security also has a far-reaching network of independent authorized dealers in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada. This home security system is known to come in four smart package options that allow clients to select the exact features they need and the ones to leave out.

Have it in mind that every package comes with a way to automate smart features in your home, like lights and locks. Note that the more features you want, the more costly the plan will be. In addition, Brinks makes available an easy DIY installation option for all its plans.

This home security company also offers advanced equipment mainly set on smart home automation. Note that you can decide to install doorbell cameras, outdoor cameras, and indoor cameras. They also carry various smart home products, such as smart locks and smart thermostats.

With every Brinks home security plan, you also get Brinks Home Touch, known as a smart home hub that regulates all its equipment. Additionally, you can connect it to Amazon Alexa, Z-Wave, and the Brinks app on your phone for top-notch smart home management.

You can also get wireless door sensors and motion detector sensors to safeguard your home from intruders and send you updates direct to your phone. Howbeit, note that the price for a Brinks home security system can be more costly than other options. According to reports, the average cost per month is $30 to $40 for monitored systems.

The Smart Security Essential Plan is at least $29.9/month, coupled with $199 for equipment. Have in mind that you can finance a Brinks system, breaking it into monthly costs over 36 months. Also expect to be charged taxes in your monthly bill, in addition to other potential fees.

Brinks home security also states that it may charge an early termination fee if you choose to cancel before 36 months. To cancel your Brinks Home Security subscription, you just need to reach out to them via phone at 800-447-9239. Let the agent or representative know of your intention to cancel your subscription.

They will then forward you the DocuSign Cancellation procedures. Note that this document will include the 30-day notice cancellation process and your final bill. After that, the cancellation documents will be sent via email within 24 hours for your review.

Breakdown of Brinks Home Security Cancellation Policy

If you are looking to cancel your account with Brinks Home Security, here are the company’s cancellation policies to be wary of;

  1. Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for Brinks Home Security note that you can unsubscribe from your warranty or cancel your service with Brinks Home Security at any time. When you sign up, most often you sign up for a minimum of 12 months. Have it in mind that you are allowed to cancel within that 12 months as long as you haven’t used your warranty. However, when you cancel, know that you will be charged.

  1. 30-Day Cancellation Window For New Customers

Also, note that Brinks Home Security has a 30-day cancellation window for new customers. If you’re within 30 days of your agreement with Brinks, you have the right to cancel your service and also get a refund minus shipping, discounts, taxes, and monitoring services already provided.

  1. 36-Month Monitoring Service Agreement

Once you’ve passed the initial 30-day window, have it in mind that the 36-month monitoring service agreement begins. According to Brinks Home Security, cancellation during this period will warrant that you pay any outstanding balance on your service. In addition, you must have acquired your home alarm system directly through Brinks and not from an authorized dealer.

  1. Nest Secure

If you have Brinks home security service via Nest Secure, have it in mind that you are on a month-to-month rate and you are permitted to cancel at any time. Howbeit, if you are on a financing agreement via Greensky, you will still be tasked with making those payments. And the company will not refund your equipment cost after the initial 30-day return period.

  1. Smart Security Systems

If you own a Brinks Smart Security System (equipment licensed through, note that the terms of your agreement will kick in after the initial 30-day return period. However, you will still be tasked with paying the balance on your monitoring service contract, and if you used Greensky to finance your equipment, you will still be expected to make those payments.

Steps to Cancel Your Account with Brinks Home Security

To cancel your Brinks Home Security subscription, you just need to reach out to them by phone at 800-447-9239.

  1. Customer service will explain the steps of canceling your account. Note that this is a very good opportunity to ask about the fees that come with canceling your account.
  2. The agency will send you a DocuSign page that notes the cancellation processes, and a 30-day cancellation procedure. Also, note that this document will come with information regarding your final bill. You will be expected to adhere to the instructions on-screen and digitally sign this document. You have seven days to open the link digitally. If you fail to do so within seven days, you will have to call customer service and ask them to send you a new one.
    1. Click “review document”
    2. Agree to use electronic signatures for cancellation
    3. Click “Continue”
    4. Complete the open forum
    5. Click “sign”
    6. Click “adopt and sign”
    7. Click “Finish”
  3. After you must have signed that page, you will receive your cancellation document email within 24 business hours. If you don’t get the email, reach out to customer service again after you have checked your junk or spam folder.
  4. Once you sign the digital document and receive confirmation, your account will automatically close 30 days from the date the signed document is received by Brinks Home Security. You will still have to pay any uncollected balances if you have a contract.

Fees Associated With Cancellation

According to Brinks Home Security, you have to pay at least 80% of your monthly service costs for the remainder of the time left on your first term when looking to cancel your subscription. This simply entails that your account is under contract, and if you cancel before that contract is over, you will have to pay 80% of the fees remaining.


When you are looking to cancel your subscription, expect Brinks Home Security to offer you more value because they are eager to dissuade you from canceling your service. However, it is pertinent you remember the exact reasons why you chose to cancel your subscription in the first place.

Also, don’t get carried away by these new savings they are trying to offer you. Why didn’t they make those available in the first place? Concentrate on your reasons and continue with the canceling.

They may also request that you return the equipment upon cancellation. If that is the case, just take down the equipment, box it and send it back accordingly. Howbeit, do not forget to get a new home alarm provider for your residence. You must continue to have adequate protection.