What are guard dogs? What are the best breeds of guard dogs? How can guard dogs be used for security and personal protection? Well, this article will answer your questions. It has been proven time and again that dogs are one of man’s best friends.

These days, dogs are becoming more useful to man beyond being pets and hunting. Today, we now have special dogs have taken up the duty of security and personal protection and these dogs are called “Guard Dogs.

Before we explain the roles and tactical applications of Guard dogs in security situations, there is need to first define what a guard dog is. Now what is a guard dog?

A guard dog, also known as a watch dog or attack dog is a dog that is specially train to serve as a sentinel and also attack intruders that trespass within its set territory.

However, it is important you know that there are several types of guard dogs. Yes, there are watch dogs and there are attack dogs; but both of them are guard dogs. Watchdogs are specially trained to keep watch over a given area and bark strongly at the sight of any intruder or strange object. They do not attack the intruder. Attack dogs on the other hand do more than bark at intruders – they attack.

Examples of such dogs include the Bull mastiff, Doberman, German shepherd, etc.  However, you must acknowledge the fact that no dog is a guard dog by default. You need to train them extensively and socialize them in order to turn them into reliable guards.

 10 Roles and Duties of Guard Dogs

  • To guard properties in the presence or absence of the owner
  • Personal protection of lives
  • To attack and defend you during violent confrontations
  • To sniff and detect substances such as drugs, guns, etc.
  • Chasing after criminals on the run
  • For tracking and trailing purposes
  • To disperse riots and for crowd control
  • To guard livestock such as poultry and keep them within the stipulated perimeter
  • To carry medical supplies in war zones
  • To pull wounded soldiers out of battle scenes

Guard Dogs – How to Use them For Security and Personal Protection

Best Guard Dog Breeds – Not all dogs qualify to be trained as guard dogs. In fact, most dogs are mere pet dogs despite their fierce look.

Also, some dogs are better trained as watchdogs than attack dogs. It is also important you know that there are guard dogs for livestock, guard dogs for children, etc and they are not the same. This guide will help you select the various breeds of guard dogs and identify their strengths or weaknesses.

Guard Dog Training – This guide contains all the advance dog training tips you need to groom your guard dog and example of such tips include the German training system for guard dogs and special training techniques for different breeds of guard dogs.