What are the advantages of being a bodyguard? What do you stand to gain by taking up a job as an executive protection officer? Do you want to become a bodyguard but you are having self doubts? Then this article will surely educate you about the advantages and benefits of being a bodyguard.

If you check the security section of online and offline job boards regularly, you will observe that the demand for bodyguards is increasing by the day, no thanks to the global increase in the rates of crime and insecurity.

So, if you need a job and you have got some military training plus experience, then you should consider getting a bodyguard job. Chances are that a top business executive, or a top government official, or a celebrity, or any other high profile individual will employ you. If you have always hated the idea of working as a bodyguard, you probably don’t know the benefits of taking the job. Here are 10 reasons why it rocks to be a bodyguard:

Top 10 Advantages of Being a Bodyguard

1.  The fulfillment

If you are someone who loves to grab every opportunity to help others, then working as a bodyguard will give you some sense of fulfillment. Why not, when someone else has entrusted you with the safety of his or her life and property? In years to come, if you look back on your life so far, you would be happy with yourself for having protected lives and property. And you won’t be regretting like Mikhail Kalashnikhov, the inventor of the AK-47 rifle, did when he said he wished he had invented something more beneficial like the umbrella.

2.  A good starting point

If you take up a bodyguard job and you later leave the job for some reason (like getting a better offer), but on a good note, your next employer will deem you trustworthy. Who deserves to be trusted more than someone who has selflessly and diligently protected another individual’s life and property? So, working as a bodyguard with an employer and having a good track record makes you a “hotcake” that subsequent employers would readily hire.

3.  Going places

As a bodyguard, you will be working with a high profile individual. So, you will be in their company almost all the time. Whenever they travel, you will go with them. And whenever they have meetings with other influential figures, you will be in their company. So, being a bodyguard gives you the chance to visit places you would never have been if you were not one. And you will meet people you may never have met. If you are fortunate to work with an employer who travels frequently to other countries, you will really enjoy working as a bodyguard.

4.  Living big

Depending on the relationship between your employer and you, working as a bodyguard can make you live like a king, courtesy of your employer. Most employers would offer you the chance to dine with them, enjoy music with them, go on vacation with them, and catch fun in other ways with them. Though, you may not be actively involved in these activities; so as not to get carried away.

5.  Enhanced knowledge and skills

Depending on the tasks you handle for your employer, working as a bodyguard sharpens your senses and skills as well as increases your knowledge about many things. For instance, if you follow your employer to places where good knowledge and expertise is shared freely (such as board meetings, investment presentations and conferences), you will also “tap” from that. (Nobody can steal what you know from you).

6.  No rigorous work sometimes

Some employers hire bodyguards just to avoid taking risks, not because they feel threatened or because they are in places where crime rates are high. If you work with such employers, you will have a swell time working as a bodyguard because there’s almost nothing to do, other than accompany your employer everywhere he or she goes. What’s sweeter than getting paid for less work?

7.   Special privileges

As a bodyguard, you will get to enjoy some privileges by merely using the name of your employer. For example, if you need to write a letter to some higher authorities, having your employer’s signature as a referee or merely mentioning their name in your letter would accelerate the response. Although many people abuse this opportunity, you will enjoy it for a long time if you stay within bounds.

8.  You can be a hero

Most employers would applaud and reward you if, on one occasion, you fought selflessly to protect them from violent criminals. (Of course, it’s just natural for people to appreciate and reward anyone who saves them from danger). It’s the same if you save your employer’s life by acting fast based on some logical deductions. They would always regard and respect you as a hero for as long as the episode lingers in their memories.

9.  Increased intelligence

Working as a bodyguard helps you make reliable logical deductions from limited information within very short time. This is something that only intelligent people can achieve. And the more you do it, the more your intelligence increases. You get it?

10.  Versatility

Most times, your work as a bodyguard goes beyond keeping watch on your employer. Sometimes, you would be a driver. Sometimes, you would be a receptionist. Sometimes, you would be a secretary. The more you handle such side assignments, the better you become at managing multiple tasks simultaneously and effectively.