Do you really need security education and training to survive in this trying times? Why do you need to increase your security awareness? Well, I advice you read on. In this present day world of information technology, having a solid background in security education and awareness is very important. In fact, it may make the huge difference between an effective, productive individual and one who is the opposite.

Whether you run your own business or you are working for an employer, you need to understand how to keep information confidential and secure. If you lack this knowledge, you will be exposing one of your most valuable business assets (information) to distortion, abuse, and stealing by unauthorized persons. You may also risk damaging your reputation or that of your employer.

If by now you are still of the opinion that security awareness and education is a trivial issue, you are doing yourself a big disservice. Ask those who have fallen victim to identity theft, carjacking, fraudsters and hackers in the past, and you will quickly realize how important it is to be security aware.

Well, to further convince you that you must acquire some security awareness training and education, I will be discussing 10 reasons why you need it. I hope that in a few minutes time, you will be on my side and will see things the same way I see them. Now, let’s roll… Here are 10 reasons why you need security education, training, and awareness:

10 Reasons Why You Need Security Education, Training, and Awareness in 2021

1.  It is the first line of defense against security risks

You cannot protect yourself against something that you are oblivious of its existence. So, you must be really aware of threats to both physical and information security. This is the only way you can prevent them. And you cannot achieve this except with security awareness education.

2.  You will have greater chances of employment

Due to the increasing need for businesses and organizations to keep certain information as confidential and secure as possible, applicants who have a solid background in security awareness are preferred to those without this knowledge. So, if you have previously enrolled for a security awareness training program, you have bright chances of being hired by banks and other institutions that handle a huge volume of sensitive information.

3.  You will be complying with regulatory requirements

The number of laws that require employees of organizations to undergo certain forms of security awareness training is now on the increase. And if this law isn’t presently binding on your business or employer, chances are high that the law would apply to you anytime soon.

4.  You will be trusted

Should any security breach occur, you will have no fingers pointing at you, even if it were all your fault. You know why? The reason is because you would be trusted and deemed capable enough to have prevented such from happening.

5.  You will build customer trust and loyalty

One problem most businesses are facing today is the issue of customer security. Consumers are getting bored of reading about cases of privacy breaches in news headlines every day. And before they do business with you, they want to ensure that your company will do everything possible to protect their private information. You can help your business achieve this by being security aware.

6.  Every business now needs it

One erroneous notion is that only internet-based businesses are prone to breaches in information security. This is wrong. Businesses in all sectors (including manufacturing, transport, construction, and so on) are vulnerable to information security risks. So, if you have a good background in security awareness, you will be an asset to businesses in any sector.

7.  You will be safe from personal risks, too

Security awareness enlightens you not only about possible threats to information security, but also about threats to physical and personal security. So, it makes you immune to workplace security issues, among others.

8.  You will be able to enlighten others

When you have a good grasp of security awareness, you can easily teach and advice others on how to protect physical and information assets belonging to an individual or an organization.

9.  You will be able to work with security technology

With adequate security awareness education and training, you would find it easy to work with state-of-the-art technology provided by your employer for protecting proprietary information as well as physical assets.

10.  Your mindset will align with your employer’s objectives

Even if an organization spends a huge portion of its budget on security, its security objectives may be defeated any time if its employees do not have these objectives as part of their mindset. So, if you have undergone security awareness education and training, you will easily understand the security objectives of your employer and feel obliged to act in line with them. This makes you less likely to compromise your employer’s vital information.