If you run a school or you are a student, it is important to take security serious. Here are 20 fail-proof security tips that are highly suitable for schools.

If you have your ward in any school, aside from the expectations that your ward should be properly taught, you will also be concern about the security of your ward. Security in recent times is becoming a major concern to the average man or woman on the street simple because of the high rate of crimes in various parts of the world.

If you run a school or you are a student in any school, it is important to take security very seriously. If as a proprietor or proprietress of a school and you do not place security of the lives of your students and employees as a top priority, then you will struggle to get parents to enroll their children in your school.

Even though security of lives and properties is everybody’s responsibility, as a proprietor or proprietress, it is important to also put structures in place that will guarantee the safety of your students and your staff as well. You can consult security experts to help you create unique security charter to all stake holder will be happy about. Now let us consider 20 security tips that are highly suitable for schools;

20 Security Tips for Schools to Guarantee Students Safety

1. Install CCTV in all Nooks and Crannies of the School Premises

It is needful that the school catches all the activities that happen on camera. This is so that nothing is left un-captured should there be a fishy movement towards anyone in the school.

2. The School Compound Should Be Fenced and Gated

It is pertinent that the school fences and gates the school premises. This way the numbers of people who come and go out are checkmated.

3. There Should Be Security Personal Stationed at the School Gate

On no account should the school gate be without being manned by a security guard. Therefore, a guard needs to be employed for this singular reason so as to keep tabs on who comes in and goes out.

4. Clearance Should Be Given To Any Visitor before Entering the School Premises

Let anyone who wants to go into the school premises be cleared. This is so that the numbers of people who go into the school are properly screened for safety.

5. Students and Workers Should Always Be In Possession of Their ID card

The ID card, as well as other modes of identification should be issued by the school authority to the student. This is so that the school members are properly accounted for.

6. Proper Security Check Must Be Conducted Before Employing Teachers and Other Employees

There is no sentiment here; if you want to hire anyone, then you have to double check to be sure that you are about to employ a person who doesn’t pose a security threat. Be sure to ask plenty of questions so as to be cock sure you are employing the one who fits the job.

7. Students Should Be Trained On Security Related Subjects

The student in question has got to be trained on the importance of being security conscious. Imbibe in the students a consciousness that would cause them to be alert at all times.

8. A Security Club Should Be Formed in the School

With the news of terrorism all over the world, these days, it is needful to form a security club in the school. A club; where ideas and discussions on security will be the focus.

9. Only the Parents of Students or Someone Duly Assigned Should Be Allowed to Pickup Students from the School

The school management should give a standing order saying that only the parents or the person the parents have pointed out should be the ones to pick up the students at school. This way you can checkmate any strange moves.

10. Central Security Alarm Should Be Installing in the School Premises

It is appropriate that the school should install a central unit alarm system. This is so that all students and employees can converge of run for their lives when it goes off.

11. Students Bags Should Be Searched from Time to Time to Prevent Them from Bringing in Dangerous Weapons into the School

The school would be doing more good than harm when they put in place measures to always search the bags of students. This is so that they do not bring in dangerous weapons that can endanger the lives of students.

12. Students Activities should be strictly monitored to avoid them from Joining Secret Cults

Students should never be left alone without monitoring the various activities they engage in during school hours. This is so that wrong and shady moves can be easily detected for safety.

13. Students Should Be Encouraged To Report any Suspicious Moves or Person within the School Premises to the School Management

The school management has got to train students on the importance of reporting any malicious moves within and even without the school premises.

14. Students Should Only Be Allowed To Leave the School Premises Only When They Have a Pass from the Security Post

It is pertinent for the school to create exit passes for the students. This is so that they do not leave the school compound without the knowledge of the school.

15. People Should Be Discouraged from Loitering or Parking Their Cars outside the School fence

There should be a strict law restricting people from parking and loitering outside of the school fence. This is so that you are able to keep track on the activities that go on.

16. If it is a High School / Secondary School or Primary School, Students Should Not Be Allowed to Make Use of Mobile Phones within the School Premises

The school should ban parents from allowing their wards come to the school environment with phones. This is so that they are not discouraged. Also, so that stranger with bad intentions does not capitalize on that.

17. Students Should Be Issued Access Cards

We talked about exit cards earlier; now let us talk about access cards. This simply means that bonafide students of the school should be issued access cards so that they can gain entry into the school. This way unwanted people would not gain entrance into the school.

18. Security Panel Community should be Setup in Schools to Review Security Policies from Time to Time

A security panel should be put up in schools and then the findings and solutions that are come up with should be reviewed from time to time.

19. Kids Should Be Taught Not To Talk To Strangers

It is important that the students are taught on the importance of not talking to strangers. This is so that strangers who have evil intentions do not kidnap the pupils and students.

20. Teach teachers To Be Vigilant

It is pertinent that teachers are taught on the importance of alerting the school authority when they spot a shady move by an outsider towards any or student of the school.

These tips are very vital ones that must not be treated with levity. Care must be taken to apply it all, as it better to be safe than sorry.