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Small Business Security

Do you want to learn how to prevent fraud or theft in your small business or workplace? Then below are the best small business security tips and advice for entrepreneurs and CEO.

As a manager or CEO of a company, you are the chief security officer of that company. Small business security is very important because if given free hand, employees will loot and wreck the company by leaking out vital competitive information and engaging in other illegal fraudulent vices. This section is dedicated to helping you stem corruption and fraud in your business environment or workplace.

10 Reasons Why Employees Need Security Awareness Training

With the rapid increase in crime rate and security breaches, there is a growing need to train employees to be security conscious; and with the continued increase in security threats and identity theft, large corporations are spending several thousands to millions of dollars – as well as time and effort – on securing their confidential information and their network. However, the objective behind these huge expenses can be totally defeated if employees do not understand what roles they need to play in the security plan.

Top 10 Best Computer Email Security Ideas and Tips to Try Today

What are the best computer security ideas and tips for people running online businesses? What are the best email security tips and ideas to safeguard your files and privacy online?

One of the rights you owe your employer is to protect their physical and information assets as well as keep all sensitive information secure. Today, there is a constant increase in the number of security risks that can reveal your personal information or that of your employer. So, it’s very important for you to observe as many security measures as possible. Here are 10 great ideas on how you can protect your personal or employer’s information from being compromised by hackers and malicious programs:

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