Are you interested in becoming an armed security guard? Do you want to know what it takes to become an armed security guard driver? Then read on as I explain the exact process on how to become an armed security guard driver.

Now who is an armed security guard driver? A security guard driver, just as the name implies, is a professional trained to play the role of a defensive driver as well as that of a security guard.

Although security guard drivers may not be required to accompany their clients closely like personal protection officers do, they are saddled with the task of protecting their clients while driving them. Armed security guard drivers are hired by individuals as well as institutions such as schools, banks, hospitals, and so on.

So, if you have some driving skills, then you will be better off as a security guard driver, as the demand for these professionals is now on the increase;  no thanks to the increased frequency of crime and other security threats.

If you would like to get a job as a security guard driver, you will learn in this post the requirements for the job as well as how you can secure a job easily. So without wasting your time, below are the basic requirements and qualifications that you must have before you can become eligible to take a job as a security guard driver.

 How to Become an Armed Security Guard Driver

1.  You must have a clean and good past record

You will automatically get disqualified anywhere you apply for a job if you have a criminal background on your records. Virtually all security employers know how to find out if an applicant has a criminal record because it is their job and expertise to do so.

So, they will easily find out about your dirty past – if you have got one. So, if you were once convicted or implicated as a criminal, you will not be able to get a job as a security guard driver. Of course, the reason is obvious: nobody wants to have anything with an ex-criminal.

2.   You must have good driving skills

Working as a security guard driver entails driving for most of the time. So, to take the job you must have a decent driving record as well as a valid drivers’ license. Most employers require you to have experience with driving trucks, tankers, and other heavy-duty vehicles. So, keep this in mind. If you have worked as a driver in the past, you have an edge over others who have no experience.

3.   You must possess other security-based skills

Though your main job is to drive, you must have many other skills – such as effective communication skills, defensive driving skills, martial arts skills, and computer skills. You must also know how to handle firearms.

A good knowledge of defensive driving will help you drive strategically in crises, such as when you are being trailed by criminals, when you need to get to the hospital fast, when you are trying to protect a life or an asset, and when you need to take an alternate route in order to avert danger.

Also, being skilled with the use of guns and other weapons as well as having martial arts skills is very important. This will help you defend yourself and your client from assailants, when necessary.

4.  Having a good employment and credit record will give you an edge

Though many employers will not request for this, some do. If you have a stable past employment record (as against jumping from one job to another every few weeks), you will look good to your employers. Also, your credit history will be inspected, as it tells how financially responsible you are. If you have a horrible credit history, this may reduce your chances of being hired.

5.   You must be licensed to be an armed guard

If you have all the requirements previously discussed, then your chances of securing a job as a security guard driver are very bright. You will need to get a state-issued license (also known as a guard card) to work as a security guard driver. This will attract a fee (this varies with state or country).

If you need information on how to get your guard card, search the internet for relevant information. Better yet, make enquiries at any private security company around you. In fact, you may be able to get your card through the private security company.

In addition, you should have a gun permit, which is a state-issued license to hold a gun and use it when necessary. Depending on your employer, this may not be required. But getting it would be an advantage in the long run. If your job would require you to drive armored trucks, bullion vans, or work where high-level security is required; you will need to have a gun permit.

In conclusion,

Once you can fulfill these basic requirements; you are good to go, so you can start your search for a job. Pitch your application to places where security guard drivers may be needed – banks, hospitals, schools, etc. Also check the internet and your local newspaper for security guard driver job vacancies.