It is a known fact that to every advantage, there is a corresponding disadvantage. Now what are the disadvantages of being a bodyguard? Well, you will find out below.

If you are considering taking up a job as a bodyguard, then you need to know everything about the job before proceeding. Being a bodyguard has its pros and cons. And here, we won’t be looking at the rosy side; rather, we will be looking at the downsides of the job.

It doesn’t matter if you are working with a celebrity or a top business executive or a political office holder. The disadvantages are the same in all cases, irrespective of your client. And it’s very important that you know these disadvantages before taking up the job. However, I want you to understand that the aim of this article is not to discourage you from becoming a bodyguard; rather, the goal is to help you prepare yourself adequately for the challenges involved with being a bodyguard. So without wasting your time, below are the disadvantages of being a bodyguard?

10 Scary & Disturbing Disadvantages of Being a Bodyguard

1.  Highly risky

Ordinarily, this goes without saying, being a bodyguard is very, very risky. You are responsible for protecting and defending your employer against attacks and harm in all its ramifications. You will watch out for potential threats and protect your employer against them. Sometimes, you may have to undertake very risky tasks just to evade danger. So the bottom line is, there would be times you will risk your life just to protect your employer and keep them safe. (That’s exactly what bodyguards are paid for).

2.  Little or no time for yourself

If you are such an individual who loves to hang out with friends or catch fun at the beach every day, you may have a hard time coping with being a bodyguard. This is because the job is very time demanding. You will have very little time for yourself, as you will be in the company of your employer most of the time.

3.  Loads of unexpected assignments

If you have been thinking that being a bodyguard only involves accompanying your employer in order to keep them safe, you are wrong. Granted, that’s your basic assignment, but there may be more to being a bodyguard than just that. Sometimes you will have to play the role of a receptionist, sometimes a driver, sometimes a secretary, sometimes an errand boy or girl, and so on. Worse, these “special” assignments come when you are not expecting them! But it’s better to anticipate such even before taking up a job (so you won’t be surprised when you are given such tasks to handle).

4.  Meager pay

Although some bodyguard jobs are very lucrative, most are not especially when you are new to the profession and you don’t have much experience. In the US, the starting pay for most bodyguards is around $10 per hour. Now, that’s very meager when compared with the demands of the job and the risks involved. However, your salary as a bodyguard would increase markedly with time. Some highly experienced bodyguards could earn as much as $100 or more per hour.

5.  It is hard to find better opportunities

When you are working with one employer, you will be very much occupied that you may not have time to search for better job opportunities. Even if you can find one, your employer’s demands may prevent you from applying or showing up for an interview. And that’s even if you are not too busy to find such opportunities.

6.  Physically demanding

Being a bodyguard requires that you are physically fit and that your health is sound. Most of the time, you will be engaged with physical activities such as walking, driving, and running. So, if your health is such that makes you to visit the hospital too often, working as a bodyguard isn’t for someone like you.

7.  Mentally depleting

Working as a bodyguard requires you to think very fast and make vital decisions based on intelligent conclusions. Even this mental workload could have a negative impact on you psychologically. So, if you are not someone with an impeccable ability to quickly link events mentally and handle several mentally demanding tasks at once, you may have a hard time coping with a bodyguard job.

8.  You are to blame for any harm to your client

Whether or not you get injured while trying to protect your employer is not an issue; the real issue is whether or not your employer is safe. You will be blamed for the slightest injury to your employer, even if you have strive very hard to prevent such from happening.

9.  Some people look down on bodyguards

In some places, people look down on bodyguards and see them as unimportant. Some people get annoyed when they try to reach your employer and you are getting in their way. These people see you as an “avoidable obstruction.” Even worse, some employers treat their bodyguards badly, they yell at them or blame them at the slightest opportunity they have.

10.  Errors are not pardoned

Most employers would sack you for any slight error from you that they believe could have cost them their life, even if that isn’t the result. So, there’s hardly some security in the job; you can be fired anytime for mistakes that should be pardoned.

In conclusion, I think it is now up to you to decide if the risk is worth it. Having read the above stated reasons why being a bodyguard is far from rosy, you can decide to proceed out of passion or jettison the idea altogether. And if you are already in the job, you may just have learned some things you never knew before. However, keep in mind that these downsides do not apply to every bodyguard position.