Special events, conferences, and conventions require a lot of planning and often take place at venues off-site. Both large and small venues are often unfamiliar and come with unusual security challenges and risks. Hence the need for organizations to always hire the services of event security companies.

The services of some of the best security companies in the United State doesn’t come cheap, but it is indeed a necessary requirement for any event that look to host public figures and celebrities. Having said that, here are the factors to consider when hiring security for an event.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Security for an Event

  1. The Profile and Track Record of the Company

The first factor to consider before hiring security for your event is the track record of the company. A track record is used informally to refer to a person or organization’s past performance in any type of endeavor.

The track record of a company has to do with what the company has achieved in time past, the companies they have done business with, their reputations in the marketplace, and a host of goodwill messages they have generated over the years.

  1. The Price Package

Another important factor you should also consider when sourcing for an event security company to hire for your event is the price package of the company.

Of course, what will eventually determine whether you will hire the service of an event security company or not is the amount you budget to pay for their services. So, if you are looking to hire an event security company for your event, make sure you know their price and compare it with other options available.

  1. The Services They Offer

The services an event security company offer is yet another key factor that you should consider before making your choice.

Basically, an event security company provides security and oversees and manages the entire event. Some event security companies also go the extra mile when serving their clients. Hence, you want to consider the services the event security company is offering before making your choice.

  1. Their Years of Experience

Another factor you should consider when hiring the services of an event security company is their years of experience in the business. Usually, most big organizations don’t like giving out contracts to newly registered companies. Nobody wants trial and error when it comes to services that have to do with the security of life and property.

  1. The Number of Staff and Equipment They Will Deploy to Your Event

Lastly, another key factor you should consider when shopping for an event security company is the number of staff and equipment they will deploy to the venue of your event. This is essential because it will enable you to plan for them.

Best Event Security Companies and Their Charges

  1. XPressGuards

XpressGuards is a fully licensed and insured security guard and protection agency. They are owned and operated by certified law enforcement officers to provide outstanding security solutions to customers by adhering to the following principles: Fast response time to accommodate customers’ needs.

Offer critical services at competitive rates for a wide range of security disciplines, resulting in cost-effective and comprehensive programs tailored to each customer. Recruit, retain, and develop security personnel by providing continuous training, a teamwork environment, career growth, etc.

Cost: There is no fixed cost and they are open for negotiation.

  1. BEST Crowd Management

BEST has been delivering tailored, world-class event security solutions since 2009. Their comprehensive list of services lets them support events of all kinds and develop partnerships across North America.

No matter the event, they know that a crowd’s energy is vital to its success and that makes keeping the energy going vital to your business. At BEST crowd management, they are committed to delivering world-class security solutions that put the right talent in the right places for the best possible crowd management.

Cost: There is no fixed cost and they are open for negotiation.

  1. Fast Guard Service

Fast Guard Service is the number 1 event security company nationwide, with elite staff offering exceptional knowledge within each nuance of the profession. Fully bonded, insured, and employing only proven authorities in their niche, Fast Guard guarantees outstanding safety, security, and presence at any event.

Fast Guard’s event staff and usher service combine the peace of mind of having qualified security on hand with the fulfillment of many other important tasks necessary at such an event.

Cost: There is no fixed cost and they are open for negotiation.

  1. Adroit Private Security

Adroit Private Security is aware of how important your safety and security are, which is why they offer only the best, most comprehensive armed and unarmed security guards. They offer a wide umbrella of security services, including private security officers, video surveillance, patrol services, traffic control, and vandalism prevention.

With Adroit Private Security services, you can sleep easy knowing that even the most challenging security issues are taken care of. Adroit Private Security covers a whole range of residential and commercial properties, including private homes, apartment complexes, schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, logistics and manufacturing sites, etc.

Cost: There is no fixed cost and they are open for negotiation.

  1. Off Duty Officers, Inc.

Off Duty Officers Inc. is one of the leading event security companies in the nation, with over 25 years of experience and some of the most skilled guards available in the industry. Backed by their impeccable reputation for quality and affordability, guards from Off Duty Officers provide reliable protection for events of any type and size.

Off Duty Officers Inc. has experienced security officers for a wide variety of events, including sporting events, award shows, public government meetings, celebrity appearances, location filming, corporate conferences, business meetings, grand openings, concerts, festivals, galas, and private parties.

Cost: There is no fixed cost and they are open for negotiation.

  1. Building Security Services

Building Security Services boasts of highly trained event security professionals that will provide the experience and know-how to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Building Security Services has officers ready to guarantee the overall security success of your upcoming event.

By maintaining effective control of surrounding event premises, Building Security Services supports a safe environment through in-depth location comprehension, identification of challenges, identification of potential threats, and detailed planning.

Cost: There is no fixed cost and they are open for negotiation.

  1. The American Protection Group

American Protection Group (APG) has over 34 years of experience in all levels of commercial, industrial, and home security and investigative knowledge.

APG Professionals can take care of any need you have, in any size facility. American Protection Group (APG) is a sure way to keep your family and employees happy and comfortable. American Protection Group (APG) takes care of all customers’ needs and requirements, so you can devote your time and energy to other areas of responsibility.

Cost: There is no fixed cost and they are open for negotiation.

  1. Scaife Protection Services

Founded in August 1997 by Omar Scaife, Scaife Protection Services is your source for premium security services. They offer security and security guard services throughout the State of California. Scaife Protection Services security guards are licensed as required, and they provide only the best in security guard services for a realistic rate.

Cost: There is no fixed cost and they are open for negotiation.

  1. Citadel Security Agency

Citadel Security Agency provides a wide variety of private event security services to meet the needs of diverse companies, organizations, and individuals. Citadel Security Agency specializes in threat assessment and threat prevention, and they know which advance planning measures to take to ensure that your event goes exactly as you want it to.

Since 1993, they have provided comprehensive security for NYC Fashion Week and many other special events in the New York City metro area.

From entry security to runway protection and so much more, they are the “go-to” local provider for security in the fashion and special events world. Regardless of the size of your event, they have the resources and ability to provide complete coverage for all event and security activities.

Cost: There is no fixed cost and they are open for negotiation.

  1. Community Action Security

Community Action Security provides the best security guards for events. Their personnel are extremely friendly and interact well with the public and guests. They are always willing to assist with access control, safeguarding sensitive information, alcohol age verification, escorts, fire safety, and emergency medical response.

Community Action Security has a long history of providing security services for high-level management, celebrities, athletes, and dignitaries.

Cost: There is no fixed cost and they are open for negotiation.