What do you do when you find yourself in a dangerous situation with no one around to help you? What defensive measures can you implement to ensure you are not a victim of crime or violence? Well, I advice you read on as I reveal to you ten self defense tips for personal protection and security.

Now, let me tell you this: scenes of violence and attack are not only in the movies. Many similar incidents occur in the real life. And the bitter truth is that you may just be the next victim. I know you hate to hear that, but those who have been victims before never expected it, too.


Do you need professional executive protection services? What qualities do you need to look out for in an executive protection personnel? What are the attributes of a executive protection professional?

If you are an executive who needs to hire a bodyguard, then an executive protection professional is what you need. In this article, you will learn 10 attributes that an executive protection professional must have. Learn these attributes, and know the duties of a guard so that you will not end up hiring the wrong person.


Does increased school security measure violate students’ rights? With the rapidly increasing rate of crime, is it not better to increase the security protocol within a school?

It is no longer news that the global rates of violence is on the increase, and that places like schools are no longer as safe and secure as they used to be. But till date, the debate is still hot over whether increased security measures in schools are necessary or are violations of students’ rights.


What are the best advance training tips for personal protection dogs? What are the top training tips for security dogs?

Do you know that with minimal effort, you can train your dog to respond whenever you call its name? However, converting your dog into an effective personal protection dog takes much more effort and patience, as you will need to teach it advanced techniques such as attacking on command, stopping and retreating when commanded, and so on.  And this is why most dog owners prefer hiring the services of dog training experts.

So in this article, I will share with you 10 proven tips on how you can easily teach your dog advanced guarding techniques. Apply these tips, and your dog will learn fast and will quickly become that efficient guard you wanted it to be:


How do you train your dog to attack on command? How do you train a guard dog to attack on your signal? A dog is very lovely as a pet. But aside keeping them as pets, most of us really want more from our dogs. You don’t agree?

Well, let me ask you this question: Assume a burglar silently broke into your home during the night and carted away valuables. And you later discovered that your dog sighted the burglar, but only kept mute. How would you feel? Wouldn’t you get mad at the dog? Wouldn’t you call it a useless toy and a liability? I’m sure you would.


What are the best personal protection devices for women? What are the top best self defense devices for women?

It is no longer news that crime is on the rise all over the world and because most victims of violent attacks are women, they require special attention as regards safety. Fortunately, many female-friendly personal protection devices are available in the market. So in this post, i will be discussing the best 10 self-defense devices (female-friendly) that you can find in the market as of present.


Pit Bulls by nature are one of the most aggressive dogs. So how do you harness such aggressiveness and channel it positively towards your own security? How do you train a pit bull to become a guard dog? How do you train a pit bull to attack on command? There has been an age long controversy over whether pit bulls can make good guard dogs. But the truth is that they can really make good guard dogs; if given proper training. Of course, no pit bull is born a natural guard dog.


What are the best guard dogs? What security dogs are the most aggressive and dangerous? What are the types of guard dogs available today? Well, I advice you read on.


What are the best guard dog breeds for personal protection? What are the smartest security dogs for property protection? Which dog has the ability to defend your and your home if the need arises?

With the current increase in the global rates of burglary, assault and other crimes, taking measures to protect yourself has become more than necessary. Having a well-trained guard dog around you is one of the smartest ways of protecting yourself from intruders.