Do you live in a storm prone area and you are concerned about your safety? If YES, here are 50 best thunderstorm safety tips to apply before, during and after the storm. What is a Thunderstorm? A thunderstorm, also known as an electrical storm, lightning storm, or thundershower, is a storm characterized by the presence…


Do you want to permanently stop calls from salesmen, telemarketer or debt collectors? If YES, here is exactly how to report harassing phone calls to the police . Phone harassment is something most people don’t really give a lot of thought to until it happens to them. It is not just annoying, it is also…


The media and online forums are full with stories of individuals that have been victimized by the police. In Nigeria, the issue of police harassment and abuse is no longer news. Now what can you do to stop police harassment and abuse? You will find out in this article.


How do you protect your home at night? What are the best do-it-yourself home security tips and tricks? How do you secure your life and property without using arms or hiring security guards?

One of the most important aspects of being a homeowner is to keep your home safe at all times. Once you can ensure the safety of your home, then you can almost guarantee the inhabitants of your house which may include your family members. So without wasting your time, below are 13 surefire tips and tricks for keeping your home secure.


Are you traveling to another country but you are concerned about your safety? If YES, here are 20 best personal security tips to know while traveling abroad. With the global rise in terrorism, it is important that every traveler must be proactive when it comes to security. If you are traveling abroad for the first…


Are you scared your mobile device may be stolen and your personal information used for fraudulent purpose. If YES, here are 20 best security tips for smartphones. If you make use of mobile devices (smartphone or tablets), there is the need for you to take precautions when making use of the device. The fact that…


Is election around the corner and you fear for the safety of you and your family? If YES, here are 20 best personal security tips for staying safe during elections. Election periods are usually associated with violence, political assassinations, etc. All over the world, election period is known to be a really important time. This…


With the rise of global insecurity, the awareness to stay safe at work is of paramount importance not just to employee but also the employer. The Human Resource of every organization is mandated to ensure that they pass regular security tips to employees. The truth is that if employees are safe, definitely the organization will…


If you have your ward in any school, aside from the expectations that your ward should be properly taught, you will also be concern about the security of your ward. Security in recent times is becoming a major concern to the average man or woman on the street simple because of the high rate of…


Driving alone around town can be risky especially when you drive at night or early in the morning. The rate of crimes in our world is on the increase despite the measures put in place by the government of most countries of the world. In recent time, security issues are given top priority when it…


Social networking has proven overtime to be the most suitable and convenient platform for making new friends, dating and also relating with old friends and acquaintance so a lot of information changes hand via the various social networking platform available in the world wide web. In the bid to connect with people on social networking…


Nigeria is a country blessed with diverse cultures, abundance human and natural resources and literarily the pride of Africa. Nigeria is the largest black nation in the world with a population soaring well above 180 million people. In fact, for every five blacks that you come across in any part of the world, you sure…


Do you know that batons and nightsticks are good self defense weapons? Do you know you can protect yourself without using a gun? Batons and nightsticks are less expensive than advanced and more lethal weapons such as guns and tasers. They require no ammunition and no special skills. And because they are more likely to cause lasting or fatal injuries, batons are more commonly used for forced compliance than many other less-lethal weapons.


If you are planning to join the Nigerian army, I am more than sure that you want to succeed. And I am sure that you will quickly grab any opportunity to achieve just that. In this article, I will be sharing with you tips on how you can succeed in the Nigerian Army recruitment exercise:


Have you been dreaming of joining the Nigerian Army? Do you think you have all it takes to join the force? Then you are just reading the right post that will guide you towards realizing your dream.

Most probably, you have many questions in mind that you will like to get answers to before proceeding to join the Nigerian Army. Here, you will get answers to most of the questions asked by you and many others like you.


Are you an IT security expert, a body guard or an intending executive protection officer? Do you know how to conduct a security assessment? If no, then here’s an in-depth guide on how to conduct a security risk assessment.

People and organizations are becoming more vulnerable to crimes such as physical attacks, fraud, blackmail, cyber attacks and so on because they handle their confidential information carelessly.


How do you detect a spy car tracker? How do you know there is a GPS car tracking device implanted on your car? Well, this article is going to explain in detail how to detect a car tracking device on your car.

Frankly, you are not likely to find yourself in a situation where someone is keeping a tab on your movements. However, if you have got a jealous partner or an overly controlling parent, they may track your whereabouts without having to follow you around or pester you with several phone calls.


In the eventuality of a crime or accident, do you know how to write a police report? If no, then below is a detailed guide on how to write a police report without implicating yourself or complicating things.

What is a police report? A police report is a description of facts about a crime written by either a crime victim or a witness. It is used to report who perpetrated a crime as well as how, where, and why the crime was perpetrated.


A country’s security and defense budget, also known as the military budget, is the portion of that country’s federal budget that is allocated to the Ministry or Department of Defense. In other words, it is the portion of the budget that is reserved for any expenditure related to the military.

A country’s military budget covers the salaries of its uniformed and civilian personnel as well as their training and healthcare costs. It also covers the cost of purchase and maintenance of equipment and facilities, and the cost of all military operations by all the armed forces divisions in that country.


What are the top best security intelligence agencies in the world? Which country is the best when it comes to intelligence gathering and national security? Well, I advice you read on to find out.

A security intelligence agency plays a very important role in a country’s governance. It is saddled with the responsibility of cumulating, examining, and desecrating data and intelligence. This data is used to reinforce national security, law, defense systems and arrangements, and foreign policy targets.


How do you burglar proof your windows and doors? How do you prevent burglar attacks? I suggest you read on to find out the answers you seek.

So, as a homeowner, one of the ways to protect your home from burglars is to fortify not just the doors to your home, but also the windows. Below are eight tips on how you can fortify your windows and render them burglarproof:


What are the advantages of having a personal bodyguard? Why do celebrities and top business or political icons keep bodyguards? If you want to sleep with both eyes closed and your mind at rest, you need a bodyguard. Aside merely having someone to keep you company all the time, below are 10 reasons why it rocks to have a bodyguard:


How do you burglar proof your home? How do you guard against theft especially when you are not at home? Well, I advice you read on as I explain in details how to burglar proof your home.

However, as a homeowner, it is your duty to protect your home and personal belongings. Now there are ways to burglar proof and keep your home safe. So without wasting your time, below are eight proven tips on how you can protect your home from attack by burglars and other intruders:


Do you really need security education and training to survive in this trying times? Why do you need to increase your security awareness? Well, I advice you read on.

If by now you are still of the opinion that security awareness and education is a trivial issue, you are doing yourself a big disservice. To further convince you on the importance of acquiring security awareness training and education, I will be discussing 10 reasons why you need it.


With the rapid increase in crime rate and security breaches, there is a growing need to train employees to be security conscious; and with the continued increase in security threats and identity theft, large corporations are spending several thousands to millions of dollars – as well as time and effort – on securing their confidential information and their network. However, the objective behind these huge expenses can be totally defeated if employees do not understand what roles they need to play in the security plan.


Presently, there is an increased potential for people to deliberately or accidentally distort, damage, steal or abuse the data that is stored within a company’s computer and information systems. For this reason, most organizations now have mandatory security awareness training for all new workers as well as existing ones.

Whether you own a business and would like to teach some basic security awareness tips to your employees, or you are an employee who have yet to receive adequate security awareness training from your employers, this post is for you.


Do you want to become a security guard or bodyguard? Or you are interested in hiring a security guard and you want to know the recruitment process involved? Then read on.

A single mistake by an incompetent security guard could expose lives and property to security risks. For this reason, the process of recruiting and hiring a new guard for personal or business security is always stringent. Now, here are the stages involved in the recruitment of security guards:


What are the best laptop bags for airport security? How do I protect my laptop from damage or theft while passing through airport security checkpoint? Although scanning laptops at airports is undoubtedly a welcomed security check, this procedure exposes laptops to damage or theft.

According to a study done for Dell Inc, about 12,000 laptops are lost in US airports on a weekly basis. But whatever the number of lost laptops is, you certainly don’t want your laptop counted among future statistic reports.


What is the best martial art for self defense? What is the best martial art to learn for personal protection, in the eventuality of an attack? Although martial arts were originally meant to be recreational sports and tools for enhancing fitness, they come in handy whenever you need to defend yourself against attackers. Now because it’s impossible to single out one martial art as the best, we would rather be looking at the five best martial arts for self defense.


How do you defend yourself against a knife attack? How do you react when someone attacks you with a knife, machete or cutlass? If you were walking down your street all alone and someone suddenly approaches you with a knife in hand, what would you do? Oh, you think it is not possible? Stop dreaming, my friend; it is very possible!


How do you defend yourself against a dog attack? What are some proactive steps to take to prevent dog bite? How do you protect yourself from being mauled by a dog? According to, about 1000 Americans require emergency care treatment on a daily basis for dog bite injury. Also, about 4.7 million Americans are bitten by a dog each year. Now, those are insanely alarming statistics. But they are true. And another bitter truth is that you may just be the next victim of a dog attack. So if a dog attacks you, what should you do?


What are the best computer security ideas and tips for people running online businesses? What are the best email security tips and ideas to safeguard your files and privacy online?

One of the rights you owe your employer is to protect their physical and information assets as well as keep all sensitive information secure. Today, there is a constant increase in the number of security risks that can reveal your personal information or that of your employer. So, it’s very important for you to observe as many security measures as possible. Here are 10 great ideas on how you can protect your personal or employer’s information from being compromised by hackers and malicious programs:


How do you defend your home from burglars and armed robbers without a gun? How do you protect your home at night? If you live in a state or country where it is considered a criminal act to have a gun in your possession, then the fear of burglary won’t be accepted from you as an excuse for carrying one. However, you still have to defend your home against intruders; but you will have to try different approaches in without breaking the rules in your state or country. So here are seven tips for defending your home even when you don’t have a gun:


Are you interested in becoming a security guard? Do you want to know what it takes to become a private guard? Do you want to know the requirements and basic training you need to become a security guard? Then read on.

The security services industry is one of the fastest growing in the world; thanks to increased crime rates, increased urbanization rates, reduced faith in public safety measures, and a growing rate at which the middle class are acquiring assets they wish to protect. This simply suggests that the private security industry is fast becoming more lucrative. And that becoming a security guard may be a very smart idea, after all. Full-time or part-time, you will make some money (you may not make much from the start, though).


Whether you have been nursing the ambition to work as a private security guard or you are planning to hire one soon for yourself, your home, or your business; you need to know how much security guards are paid. This will help you make a well-informed decision to proceed with your plan or to retreat. So in this post, we will be discussing how much security guards earn monthly or annually. So, if you are planning to take up a security guard job, you will soon get to know how financially rewarding the job is. And if you are an employer planning to hire a private security guard for personal or home security, this post will let you know if you are financially capable.


What are the duties of a security guard? What are the responsibilities of a hired private guard? Do you want to hire security personnel, and want to know their role? Are you interested in becoming a security guard? Security guards adopt a preventive approach. All the duties performed by a security guard are aimed at this one objective (that is, prevention of crime). Without wasting your time, let’s dig deeper into the duties performed by a security guard.


Is it legal to wear bulletproof vests? Well, as for military personnel, they have an unrestricted permission to wear bulletproof vests in virtually all parts of the world.  But if you are only a curious a civilian, keep in mind that there is no blanket answer to the question because it all depends on the laws in your state or country. So in this article, we will be looking at the various legal rulings on the use of bulletproof vests in different parts of the world.


How do you defend yourself against a punch? What is the best technique to protect your face against an attack or punch? Whether you are caught up in a bar brawl, or a road rage attack, or a street fight, the most likely attack you will face is a punch, especially one aimed at your face or head. Most attackers and assailants would aim at your head because this would destabilize you quickly. Now, you are most probably wondering how possible it is to protect your face from an attacker’s punch and at the same time watch out for the ideal time to strike back. This is very easy


What are the best personal security tips for students on campus? How can students protect and defend themselves against crime and violence? What is the best security advice for students to avoid dangerous confrontations and situations? As a college or university student, chances are that, you are thinking of your friends, the late night adventures, the virtual freedom from your parents’ supervision, and your favorite games. But you are less than likely to think about one very important factor; “Campus security.” As an individual that passed through high institution in Nigeria, I know the hazards and travails students go through on daily basis. And I want to point out that this situation is only peculiar to Nigeria; because the same security challenges are experienced in the United States, Canada, Ghana, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, etc.


What is the German training system for guard dogs? How effect is the German training system? Virtually all dogs have an innate instinct to guard and protect their owners. But for them to exhibit this potential excellently, they need to be trained extensively. This training fine-tunes their guarding abilities and prepares them for all kinds of security challenges. The German training system (or Schutzhund training) is one of the best and most popular techniques for training guard dogs. This technique simply entails


What are the best security dog breeds for family and children? What are the best guard dogs for children? All guard dogs are very good at identifying potential threats and responding appropriately; although some are better at this than others are. However, not all dogs should be kept indoors with your family, especially if you have small kids.


What are the best guard dog breeds for livestock? What are the best security dogs for poultry protection at night? If you own a flock of sheep, a herd of cattle or poultry, then you will need to protect your animals from predators, thieves and other unwanted elements. If you use poisons or traps, your animals may end up being casualties. So, you should consider safer alternatives and one of such alternative is a guard dog.


How do you protect your personal residence without a gun? How do you defend your home from invaders such as armed robbers, burglars, assassins or serial killers, kidnappers, etc? If you are more concerned about the security of your home, whether in your presence or absence; there are certain safety measures can help you protect your personal residence from burglars and other intruders, even when you are away. Without wasting your time, here they are:


What are guard dogs? What are the best breeds of guard dogs? How can guard dogs be used for security and personal protection? Well, this article will answer your questions.

It has been proven time and again that dogs are one of man’s best friends. These days, dogs are becoming more useful to man beyond being pets and hunting. Today, we now have special dogs have taken up the duty of security and personal protection and these dogs are called “Guard Dogs.


Are you a celebrity or a high profile figure? Are you been stalked or threatened and you think you need a bodyguard? Do you want to learn what it takes to hire a personal security? Some people don’t like the idea of keeping dogs – they prefer humans. Of course, dogs cannot speak and are far less intelligent than humans are. So if you need to hire a bodyguard (or personal security) and you really want someone who is professionally trained to protect your life and well-being, then follow these tips


If you have some driving skills, then you will be better off as a security guard driver, as the demand for these professionals is now on the increase;  no thanks to the increased frequency of crime and other security threats. If you would like to get a job as a security guard driver, you will learn in this post the requirements for the job as well as how you can secure a job easily. So without wasting your time, below are the basic requirements and qualifications that you must have before you can become eligible to take a job as a security guard driver.


What is the importance of having armed security around school vicinity? Why should schools employ or deploy armed security guards?

On 20 December 2012, 20-year old Adam Lanza opened fire on 26 people, mostly schoolchildren, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Just before the school massacre, Adam had killed his own mother. Adam committed suicide after the shooting, which was recorded to be the second deadliest in US history, behind the 2007 Virginia Polytechnic Institute shootings, which claimed 32 lives. Is this the only case in history, the answer is no.

Now following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings and other related issues, there has been a hot debate over whether schools should hire armed security guards or not. So in this article, we will be discussing 10 benefits of armed security guards in schools.


Are you interested in becoming a celebrity bodyguard? Do you want to know what it takes to become an armed bodyguard? Then read on as I explain the exact process on how to become a bodyguard or executive protection personnel.

Being a bodyguard is more professional and tactical than what we see in movies. The job entails much more than having huge muscles and merely following your client closely. In this post, we will be looking at what the job of a bodyguard entails, and how you can become a professional bodyguard. So without wasting your time, below are the requirements that you must have before deeming yourself fit to work as a bodyguard.