is a blog dedicated to providing you with tested and proven security advice, personal protection tips and self defense strategies. We are a team of expert with experience in a wide range of issues relating to security in general. In fact, our expertise was sharpened as a result of our country of residence. Yes, we live and do business in an environment where security is both a challenge and a problem.

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to help make the world a better secured place.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help safeguard lives and properties and we intend to achieve this goal by raising the security awareness level of everyone we come in contact with. We strongly believe that crime can reduced to its barest minimum when people begin to see security as a personal responsibility and take charge according.

We believe you are the number one Chief Security Officer of your life…and nobody will value your life more than you. We hope that by coming in contact with this blog and spending time on it, you can help us cause a replica effect by sharing your knowledge on security with your family and friends.